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Can anybody tell me about the area Thurgoland in Sheffield

Hi people

I may have an opportunity for a council exchange coming up in an area of Sheffield called Thurgoland can anybody give me any info on this area.

Whats it like? (it is recommended or should be avoided)

Are the primary schools in the area any good?

Is their easy access to Sheffield city centre?

Are their many jobs available in the area?

When I checked out the postcode it said that the area came under the Barnsley local Authority but the property is in Sheffield why is that? or am I having a blonde moment and that is a stupid question.

Your comments would be very much appreciated.



Re: Can anybody tell me about the area Thurgoland in Sheffield

Thurgoland is not in Sheffield.
It's a village several miles to the north.
Try this map link (make sure that the whole URL is in your address bar without gaps) -

There will be a bus service, probably the Sheffield to Huddersfield bus, and I'm sure that there should be a service to Barnsley. But, I do not know how frequently they run. A car would be very useful.

I'm not qualified to tell you about jobs in the area but it's not a big place so you'll likely be looking out of the village.

If you have a car, it's well placed for access to the Woodhead pass leading into the Peak District and towards Manchester.

But, if you don't have a car and you want easier access to local jobs, then Thurgoland is possibly a bit out of the way for you.