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Iron foundry at Burncross

I am thinking of looking at property at Burncross at the bottom of the hill going towards High Green, (area known as Charlton Brook?) I have been told that there used to be an iron foundry where the estate is now. Looking at the houses in the area there are a few terrace houses that look to be from around the early 20th century, with the remainder of the houses looking a lot more modern. Are the newer houses built on the site of the old foundry? If this is the case, does anyone have any information regarding when the houses were built and how long after the iron foundry closed down. Are the older terraces old worker's houses or even formerly possibly part of the foundry itself. I have done numerous googling searches for information without any luck and am beginning to think I have been misinformed. Does anyone with local Knowlege of the area know of such a place and can help?

Thank you