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Re: looking for information and/or new friends...

Hi, I will be more than happy to help you with information about Sheffield please feel free to e mail me.

yours roy james

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Replying to:

well, well, i think i should first introduce myself, i m 15 year old girl from germany, i take this nice forum thing as a try to find people who want to talk about sheffield or (better) other things... of course i dont think that i will get lots of answers, no, i just hope there will be one or two who have time to write me a mail, and maybe i have luck...
why i m posting this text in a sheffield forum? the answer is that i need (okay i want to do it, but i dont know much about it yet, just that great jarvis cocker was born there and that the first football book was written there -i m not interested in the second thing!) to do a presentation about this nice town sheffield... i hate presentations, because i m allways nervous and you get lots of attention, well i just dont like it... and mybe through this i will get some new interesting things and people to know, and so i will find somehow more joy in this presentation... so please, please, write to me, it would be very nice....
(other interests of mine:
-music: bright eyes, pulp, the white stripes, adam green, mars volta...
-books: john irving, louis sachar)

love, giulia.

Re: Re: looking for information and/or new friends...

dear roy james, i didnt know that you have answered, i m sorry, that it took such a long time to thank you for your offer.. the thing is that i have mostly every information about sheffield, i found it at another sheffielder forum, but it is very nice to want to help me, yes, but if you want to write with me, then tell me (best via mail, cause i dont get here that often), i would love it!
thanks again, giulia.