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Military Order of the Purple Heart Missouri

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Military Order of the Purple Heart Missouri
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M-14 donation

I'm not sure who to contact but I'm looking for a group of individuals I spoke to in 2007 at Fort Leonard Wood. It was a group of gentlemen representing members of an organization which was wanting to present M-14 rifles to Soldiers who had fallen victim to combat wounds and received a Purple Heart. I wish I would have gotten more information from them but at the time I did not know anybody who had a Purple Heart. I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan and a buddy of mine who I met here happens to be stationed at FLW and is enroute home right now. After getting to know him and realizing the extent of his sacrifice I remembered these gentlemen I speak of and now I'm searching for them to see if they are still donating M-14's. If anybody has any information on this subject PLEASE contact me. Thank you and God Bless.