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Military Order of the Purple Heart Missouri

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Military Order of the Purple Heart Missouri
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things to do for my son

is there a program or someone who would know about getting a "companion" for my son to take him places, and to talk to ,I would pay; just hard for him
as he was wounded in IRaq in 2006 and in a wheelchair and hard to hang with your mom 24-7.
he needs to be able to talk to others who have been through what he has.
he has PTSD,TBI and MS

Re: things to do for my son

I couldn't just read this and not reply. I hear you. I have no answers, but I wanted you to know that I read your post.

My son-in-law is PTSD too, from Iraq, but he's coping. Working and they now have two little daughters. We made it. But, we nearly didn't. I'm writing a play about our family's experience while he was in combat in Iraq and how it changed us forever. No one seems to know these stories, the families that were changed forever.

I'm sorry. Have you looked into getting a service dog? I'm learning about how they help through a new connection with I volunteered to write grants for them.