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Military Order of the Purple Heart Missouri

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Add your Cell Phone to the No-Call List

Add your Cell Phone to the No-Call List

Now you can add your cell phone to the state No-Call List! The Missouri legislature recently passed HB 1549 which allows Missourians to add their cell phone number to the state no-call list that currently covers more than 1.8 million numbers. It also bans unwanted text and multimedia messages. To add your landline or cell phone to the No-Call list, fill out the online registration form at or call 866-BUZZOFF (866-289-9633) or 866-662-2551. It is important to keep in mind that the Attorney General’s Office sends these lists to telemarketers on a quarterly basis. Numbers added by July 31 were on the list released October 1. Those who register between August 1 and November 1 will be covered at the beginning of

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