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Military Order of the Purple Heart Missouri

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Veterans Designation on a Driver’s License

Veterans Designation on a Driver’s License

SB 470 was signed into law and became effective August 28, 2012. A provision within the bill enables a veteran to apply to the Department of Revenue to obtain a “veteran designation” on his/her driver’s license (or identification card) upon providing a United States Department of Defense discharge document, known as a DD 214 form, showing a discharge status of “honorable or “general under honorable conditions.” There is no additional cost to request this “optional” indicator, however, the standard new, renewal or duplicate transaction and license processing fees will apply. The designation will be posted to the back of the license or document. It will appear as a symbol with the word “VETERAN” within the banner. More information about this provision and the various applicable fees can be found at the DOR website: or by contacting them at 301 W. High Street, Room 470, Jefferson City, MO 65105-0200 or via telephone at 573.751.4600. The Missouri Veterans Commission may be contacted at 205 Jefferson Street, P.O. Box 147, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0147 or via telephone at 573.751.3779 or

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