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Military Order of the Purple Heart Missouri

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Military Order of the Purple Heart Missouri
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Mo Women with Purple Hearts

My name is Leila and I am involved in several Republican Women's groups in MO. At the last Repubicans Regional convention I went to I notice several of the states had lovely quilts made honoring the women of their state that had received the Purple Heart. I want to honor our women in Mo the same way and be able to display a MO quilt. I will have it made but I need to know how many women from Mo have received the Purple Heart and if possible their names. If not names can I have the diferent wars they were honored for serving in?

Thank you for your help. If no one has this information can you help steer me in the right direction to obtain it? Thanks again!

Can someone please help me find this information.

Re: Mo Women with Purple Hearts

I contacted Clayton Jones he was the National Commander last year and lives in Missouri below is his answer to your question.
Sorry that your question can not be answered. I guess you will have to go to a congress person or senator. And then most likely nothing will happen.
Have a great weekend

The Military has it set up so you don't know who has a Purple Heart. Unless you can find a woman that has one and she knows other women.

We tried several years ago to find out who had a Purple Heart in the State of Missouri and because of the privatises act
that list can't be had.

Re: Mo Women with Purple Hearts


Thank you very much for your help. It makes me wonder how the other states got their information. I appreicate your time and effort again thank you.