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HR 4525 - Concurrent Receipt for Chapter 61 Retirees Less than 50%

HR 4525 - Concurrent Receipt for Chapter 61 Retirees and Those With Less Than 50% Disability

HR 4525 - Concurrent Receipt for Chapter 61 Retirees and Those with Less than 50% Disability Take Action!

Get this included in the 2011 NDAA

Please send the following message to your U.S. Representative --

As your voting constituent, I urge you to do two things: First, cosponsor H.R. 4525, introduced by Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina earlier this year. Next, do all within your influence to have H.R. 4525 included in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011, which is now in the process of being drafted.

This legislation would expand the eligibility Concurrent Retirement Disability Pay (Title 10 US Code 1414) to include all members of the uniformed services who are retired for medical disability under Title 10, Chapter 61, regardless of the members' disability rating percentage or time in service.

Currently, nearly 500,000 disabled retirees forfeit their earned military retired pay because of the offset by VA disability compensation, and your support is needed now to end this century old practice.

The principle that military retired pay is earned for a career of uniformed service and should not be forfeited in order to receive disability compensation from the VA, applies equally to those with disabilities that don't meet the current threshold of 50%.

Again, please cosponsor H.R. 4525, and do all that you can to see it enacted this year. 500,000 disenfranchised disabled retirees are counting on your success.

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