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This is the Northern California Bluegrass Society's national infomation page for stolen and missing musical instruments. This page can be used to announce the theft or other loss of musical instruments, updates on subsequent investigations, and news about the recovery of instruments. The forum is HTML-enabled, so that links may be added to other websites that contain pictures and other detailed information about the instruments. The NCBS does not warrant the accuracy of any information posted. Contact the source for details. Good luck to all!

NCBS Stolen & Missing Instrument Information Page
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Chuck Brodsky - instruments stolen from home

>I just got home from a trip overseas to discover that a bunch of instruments
>were stolen from my house near Asheville, North Carolina, sometime between
>April 11th and May 6th. If anybody knows of any other listserves, discussion
>groups, hotlines, or websites where I can list the following descriptions,
>let me know.
>Please help spread the word. Here's what was taken:
>Larry Pogreba resonator guitar
>Very dark green, with a hubcap from an early '60's Rambler covering the
>resonator cone. The hubcap is cut in the shape of a butterfly. A pick-up is
>installed under the cone, with a quarter inch jack at the bottom
>end. There are
>"crude" beads where the metal back and sides were welded together, and on the
>back all of the balpine hammer marks are visible from when the back was first
>A photograph of a similar enough Pogreba to mine can be viewed at
>This is NOT the one stolen from me...there will be slight differences between
>mine and the one in the photo...but it's very close in looks. A photo of the
>actual instrument that was stolen can be e-mailed on request.
>Steve Wise Long Neck Dulcimer
>This is an instrument that is played like a guitar, NOT like a lap dulcimer.
>It has a thin, teardrop-shaped body (with a cut-away on either side at the
>neck), about the size of a mandola, f holes, a pick-up, small rectangular
>plastic battery cover on the side. The neck is long and is fretted like a
>dulcimer, but with the strings in reverse order from a lap dulcimer. It
>has a
>low string, a middle string, and then the high string being doubled. This
>instrument was stolen in its white "Calton" fiberglass case with a plush red
>interior. The outside of the case has a name plate with "Chuck Brodsky"
>engraved in
>it along with the serial # 8086. There is an odd piece of plush red padding
>built into the inside of the case's top to compensate for the dulcimer's
>raised bridge.
>A photo of this very instrument can be viewed at
>Ovation "Elite" acoustic guitar
>serial # 1868
>Thin body, black, rounded back, many small sound holes. A repaired 7 inch
>crack in the guitar's top will be apparent on inspection. The guitar
>strap was
>multi-colored. There might be some corrosion around the battery terminal &
>controls for the pick-up.
>A photo of a similar guitar to mine can be viewed at
>However, my guitar does not have the different colored wood trim at the top
>of the headstock.
>Madiera acoustic guitar
>The label inside says "Made by Guild". This guitar has maple back and sides,
>and "Madiera" inlayed on the headstock. It's a well-worn instrument, my
>first guitar. There are at least 2 small screw holes in the top of the
>from where an old pick-up used to be mounted. The area near the pick
>gaurd has
>been worn down through the finish, as are areas around the edge of the sound
>hole. There were cracks around the bindings on the back & sides, with one
>spot where the guitar had been dropped and the wood was crushed in a little.
>There was a thin braided dark leather strap tied to the bottom end and to
>just before the nut at the headstock. Tiny blood spatterings from long
>ago dot
>the inside wood of the back of the guitar when you look through the sound
> A photo of this guitar can be e-mailed on request.
>Banjolin (brand name unknown)
>Possibly has an inscription somewhere "Made in Philadelphia." Belonged to my
>great uncle. This instrument has a banjo head (not sure if it was plastic or
>skin) attached to the neck of a mandolin (4 sets of doubled strings). The
>wooden tone ring is a pattern of various colored woods, either inlaid or
>interlocked (not sure). It probably dates back to the 1930's or
>1940's. Some of the
>metal hardware around the head might possibly be recent replacement parts
>(not certain). There is a thin shim adjusting the angle of the neck at
>the point
>where it attaches to the banjo head.
>This instrument was stolen without its original case.
>Thanks for taking time to read this -
>Chuck Brodsky
>Asheville, NC
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Larry Pogreba Resonator Guitar - dark green - butterfly-shaped hubcap

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Steve Wise Long Neck Dulcimer SN 8086

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Ovation Elite Acoustic Guitar SN 1868

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Madiera Acoustic Guitar (Made by Guild) old, small

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Re: Madiera Acoustic Guitar (Made by Guild) old, small

Oh,yeah,the guitar that I'm talking about is the madiera.this reply is also from jimmy anthony green,jr.

Re: Chuck Brodsky - instruments stolen from home

I believe that I was the owner of the guitar that was stolen from for a little while.I purchased the guitar at a pawn shop called Liberal Loans on 6th Street in the downtown section of San Francisco somewhwhere around Christmastime 2003.I lost control of it due to nonpayment(I kept her in the shop to keep her safe)on March 3,2004.The guys at that shop may know of her whereabouts at this time.I aquired the guitar quite legally,and am very sorry I cannot do more to help you at this time.

Re: Re: Chuck Brodsky - instruments stolen from home

Thanks for posting -- I will have Chuck contact you directly.

Re: Re: Chuck Brodsky - instruments stolen from home

Must be a different Madeira. I had mine from 1981 until it was stolen in April 2004. Thanks for replying though.