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This is the Northern California Bluegrass Society's national infomation page for stolen and missing musical instruments. This page can be used to announce the theft or other loss of musical instruments, updates on subsequent investigations, and news about the recovery of instruments. The forum is HTML-enabled, so that links may be added to other websites that contain pictures and other detailed information about the instruments. The NCBS does not warrant the accuracy of any information posted. Contact the source for details. Good luck to all!

NCBS Stolen & Missing Instrument Information Page
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German Fiddle with Blue Case -- Stolen at IBMM, Owensboro, KY.

A fiddle belonging to musician Skip Gorman of Grafton, NH, was
stolen from the lobby of the Bluegrass Museum in Owensboro KY on
the evening of Fri. Sept. 11th. That weekend I was an instructor
at the Monroe Style Mandolin Camp held at the museum. The police
were alerted and a detective Payne has been on the case. The
number of the Owensboro Police Dept. is 270 687-8888. Or call Skip
Gorman at 603 523-7661; cell: 603 667-1572 or

This fiddle is very near and dear to me. It was a gift from a dear
friend. The fiddle has several distinctive markings and was

1. A silver or pewter heart is inlaid in the upper fingerboard (on
the front of the neck). The heart is somewhat
visible just under my fingers.
2. Both the f-holes are odd-shaped (with little teeth marks) due to
the fiddle having been home to mice prior to its rescue
3. The upper right side of the front of the fiddle contains a
unique pattern in the wood, almost like a knot.

The fiddle was in a blue hard case that contained two bows, tune
lists and a thoughtful letter gifting the fiddle to me.

The fiddle was given to me by my good friend, JD Rhynes, of
California, several years ago. JD had rescued it from a barn -- and
it has turned out to be my favorite fiddle -- with a wonderful
sound and a very unusual look that is perfect for my old-time
cowboy performances. I look forward to its return. Laurie Lewis had
graduated the top.
Many, many thanks to all,
Your good pard,