NCBS Stolen & Missing Instrument Information Page

This is the Northern California Bluegrass Society's national infomation page for stolen and missing musical instruments. This page can be used to announce the theft or other loss of musical instruments, updates on subsequent investigations, and news about the recovery of instruments. The forum is HTML-enabled, so that links may be added to other websites that contain pictures and other detailed information about the instruments. The NCBS does not warrant the accuracy of any information posted. Contact the source for details. Good luck to all!

NCBS Stolen & Missing Instrument Information Page
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Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle, Banjo

Got this from Jesse Cobb and Andy Falco on Facebook:

Hello friends, Shad Cobb of the John Cowan Band has suffered the
loss of four instruments today. Shad has taken the news as only he
could and is saddened by the loss but thankful and comforted by all
the friends who have reached out to him today.

Sometime in the afternoon of Monday, May 4th, unknown thieves kicked
in the back door of his little cabin home in the hood and made off
with the following instruments. We would appreciate any help anyone
could give in locating them. Unfortunately, we only have a serial
number for one of the instruments and limited info on the fiddle and
banjo. If you see these instruments for sale anywhere please contact
me, Jesse Cobb at:

1). Nashville Guitar Company. D size, mahogany guitar, very light
colored wood on the top. serial# 03115. There is some finger near
the bottom of the from posting fingers.

2). Approximately, four year old Bart Rider open back banjo. Shad
thinks it was modeled after a White Lady banjo, with no
distinguishing marks other than some wear on the head. Shad is
trying to contact the builder get the serial number.

3). 7-8 year old Fairfax Abraham fiddle, with a Guarneri (spl?)
label inside. The fiddle has a LR Baggs pickup installed and a bit
of finish wear by the top of the fingerboard.

4). '98-'99 Ratliff F model mandolin. I used to own this one, it has
major pick wear on the top, near the scroll. The fingerboard
extension has been cutoff and there is a mark on the top where my
saw slipped. There is also a repaired crack in the top f-hole. Dark
sunburst finish.

Thanks for keeping an eye out for these instruments, wish we had
some more information and will let you know if we get any more~JC