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A world without tyranny.

I am concerned about the continuing news of oppressive regimes, rigged elections, and people dying in the struggle for freedom and democracy and I think that a new world order should be contemplated and debated. I think that my suggestions for improving the world are in essence both simple and attainable.

I have written my views under the heading of A World Without Tyranny, a copy of which follows:

With the increasing threat of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction we need a new world order where good will prevail over evil. Although the United Nations is better than nothing, it is flawed, unwieldy and often ineffective. It legitimises the existence of tyrannical and oppressive regimes and thereby condones them. The vote of each of these regimes carries the same weight as that of a democracy. Throughout the life of the United Nations, oppression and wars have continued to desecrate the world.

Although most people are good and respect the welfare of others, the present world, politically, is still a mess. The main troubles are caused by a small but evil group of people who are capable of repressing, inflicting pain and killing others in order to attain wealth or power or position, or all of these goals. These people in general are nothing but gangsters, the top ones being those who acquire total control of countries, such as Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Mugabe, etc. They personify the deepest evil, having power to create repressive state laws and brutal state police to enforce them. Some revert to war to extend their power. More would do so if they thought they would prevail.

It should be the right of every person on planet Earth to live in freedom with the right to express thoughts and opinions without fear of persecution, and the right to vote on an ongoing basis for representative government. This can only be achieved within a democracy and it should be the aim of all good people to bring about a world where all governments are democratic.

I think that the democracies should form a new world body with the purpose of establishing democratic governments throughout the world and the exclusion of totalitarian regimes forever.

This should not be too difficult to accomplish within a reasonable period of time as it is what most ordinary people desire. Oppressed people, the world over, yearn for democracy, and given half a chance will destroy or otherwise remove their self appointed rulers, as happened so dramatically in Eastern Europe when the first cracks appeared in the Iron Curtain.

The new world democratic body should provide all means of assistance, including armed forces as necessary, to topple self appointed dictators such as Mugabe. Naturally there could be no question of conflict with China, for instance, and democracy here can only be encouraged to evolve in other ways, such as by world opinion, persuasion, economic pressures etc.

Probably the most important first step would be a declaration of basic rights of freedom under democracy for every world citizen.

Re: A world without tyranny.

I really hope one day we will be able to achieve that.
But now with big giants so compromised with destroying democracy and invade small countries with aspirations to be free and outside the abomonable sphere of influence of that giant, we cannot expect too much...
except if another big giant will kick the ass of the bad giant...

who want to understand ... has understood