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I´m from Slovakia, where my human rights are brutally permanently contravene.
They listen my thoughts without my permission with
brute-force(elektro-magnetically)technique which brutally installed into my head without my permission, which also used like for remote control and torture me, make me pain with stimulating my brain
and through my nerves force body proceses and make me pain, also seriously changed my voice, with this brutall machine they have possibility to make serious illness body parts, high or low pulse, unsleepy or colaps...With this torture make me impossible to make money.
Also they speak low and insultingly to my ears and react at my thoughts all the time.
Therewithal they isolate me, discriminate me in shops, disconnect my internet connection at home, switch DVD´s and TV channels from distance...
They make my life uncomfortable as worst as their stupidity allowed them.
After tried to solve this brutallity, at the Slovakian Goverment institutions responsible to solve
contravene human rights, of course they didn´t solve absolutely nothing because they do it or tollerate contravene my human rights.

Re: Slovakia

It is unfortunate that you had to go through all that stuff but I had a question for you. What status do you have in Slovakia? are you political?