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Apollo Was a Hoax

Here are some good videos I found. The people who made these videos did make a few mistakes but I think they pretty much prove the moon missions were faked.

This has 7 parts

Re: Apollo Was a Hoax

Yes ,they have been to Australia.
Now they have a costarican engineer who is designing and projecting a plasma engine which will supposedly be able to lead them to the real Moon and maybe to Mars.
we will see.

Re: Apollo Was a Hoax

Here's some very clear proof that we never went to the moon.
2 minute 35 second mark.

The flag moves after the astronaut walks past it. He doesn't touch it. The flag moves because of air current.

There's an analysis of it here at the 3 minute 5 second mark.

Re: Apollo Was a Hoax

The documentary "What Happened on the Moon" is back online.

Part 1

Part 2

Here's a better version of the documentary "Was it Only a Paper Moon?"

I posted a poorer-quality version of it in the first post of this thread.