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Technical question

It's well known that modern so-called democracies are no less than terroristic monsters
which perform political mass persecutions and tortures of civilian population.

Primary tool of these activities under covert of constitutional democracies is implants (or may be bugs) those
are distributed apparently through foodstuffs.

Functionality of these parasites is psychotropic and, if they want, pain stimulation on humans (or animals) with
the purpose of social control, suppression of public groups, liberal opposition and to parade criminals.

Basic principles of action of these devices is ultra/infra-sound and electromagnetic influence on human
behavior. Evidently they must also do exchange with torture teams through radio waves.

Therefore and due to constitutional right on self-protection of any so-called democracy I have just
one question: does anyone have information about available models of scanners, jammers (radio, sound), EMI
generators that can detect ranges of activities of these parasites or disturb and destroy them without harm
to the health of anyone (carrier and persons around)?

If you have such kind of information and consider that these mo*********rs have a right to rape almost infants
and right to ejaculate of agonies of elders you may not publish here anything.

Russian citizen. Russian territory. Inquisitional standards can be incompatible.