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Muslims' rage

What do you think about the Maoma cartoons published by the Danish newspaper and the Muslims' rage and violent protest around the world ?

In my opinion, the intention of the danish journalist was not to offend anybody and the newspaper published it according to the tradition of free press of the country.

The violent reactions have been exaggerated , perpetrated by violents and criminals in many cases.

But I don t share the views of all the other newspapers which decided to reprint the cartoons.
It sounded like a provacation.
There was no need to do it.
The best thing to do would like a message of solidarity like this
"We wish to express our solidarity to the danish newspaper and journalist, whose intentions were not offensive, and condemn the violent acts made by the most extremist groups against embassies,consulates,offices and citizens".

That would be enough.
Reprinting the cartoons was not a good idea.
It is not freedom of expression.
In fact, there weren t expressing their opinions, just reprint the discussed cartoons knowing very well that millions people was being offended.

I don t blame danish newspaper nor the first cartoons, but the other which reprinted the cartoons on purpose made a mistake.

Re: Muslims' rage

These muslims behind the demos and attacks are far more criminal than usual street goons. These want to exterminate people because they don't have the same opinions as they have themselves.