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Interview to Basaiev

In my opinion, independent journalism is importaant , but some journalists think they are over the law and they are allowed to do anything.
That s is wrong.
Interviewing a criminal is a kind of complicity, it is also disgusting the way the presented the program
"Interview with a terrorism".
That is valid for anywhere, any country.
I also share the opinion that in some serious cases journalists MUST provide their sources.
How many libels have been committed and so then violated other citizen's rights to defend and their privacy ?
Moreover, in some cases journalists have moles inside police, secret services and the army and they publish articles (about the state of investigations) which can help a fugitive or a criminal to escape or to hide.
If these cases they must pay for their errors, like judges should do, like doctors or surgeons, anybody.
Nobody is over the law or without responsability.

Re: Interview to Basaiev

The TV company is guilty of giving the stage to terrorists. I don't think it would ever broadcast interviews with Osama bin Laden or the guys who bombed the WTO. That's a clear illustration of the utterly warped and ridiculous American conceptions of themselves and of the rest of the world.

Re: Interview to Basaiev

In general, we can say that this double-standard is one of the cause of the failure of the international policies.
Requiring the respect of etic or democracy or respect of civil rights from other countries while violating them in their own countries is a contradiction, a blunder and a shame.