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London bombs

Looking at the way the British mass media and British politicians react to the bombings, it is curious that they all speak about the courage and fortitude of Londoners, about terrorists' wanting "to change their way of life", but NOONE (except Lord Galloway who is taken to be some kind of lunatic in the mass media) even mentioned that probably it is the UK government that provoked these attacks by participating in the invasion of Iraq, where the British troops DO kill innocent civilians and DO want to change their way of life. This is really funny: the media are supposed to be free and expressing different points of view, especially such obvious as this one, aren't they??? However, think about the way the terrorist attacks in Russia were shown in the West: it was Putin who was to blame for provoking the attacks and the freedom-loving fighters were driven to such desperate acts... Even if we assume that Iraq to the UK stands in the same relation as Chechnya to Russia, it is obvious the Western mass media are NOT free.

Re: London bombs

Chechnya is russian territory, so there is quite a big difference.
But if you advocate the non-interference policy, that s mean that Russia must stay away from interfering in Transdniestr,Abkhazia,South Ossetia.
And what you think about the Russia invasions in Afghanistan, in Czechoslovakia in 1968, in Poland etc ?
There were other times, yes, but time doesn t change facts, if we want to be coherent.
Regarding the UK in Iraq, they have been much more succesfull than americans, the zone of Basra is much more peaceful and UK soldiers seem to handle better the situation with local people.
Anyway, besides being assassins, the terrorist are also incoherent with their "justifications".
In Spain, for example, more than 85% of the people were against the war in Iraq, i guess that at least 150 of the 200 spniards died in Madrid were people against this war. They caused a change in the government in Spain and the withdrawal of the spanish troops in Iraq, yes, but they killed the same people who were marching on the streets opposing the Iraq'war.