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USA is a prison for nations.

Bush is a tyrant who eclipsed Hitler. He keeps in hand all US forces, and I think now global thousand-year Reich and world nations enslavement threatens to us. He laid foundation for it - concentration camps for Arabs in Iraq, disagreeable regimes' removal, acts of terrorism all over the world at the direction of CIA with the aim of counter terrorism campaign justification and, of course, neo-Nazi financial support in Europe. Moreover, Americans turned Arabs, who live in States, into people of second quality. Police arrest them without any explanation. They are subjecting to tortures. But International Court of Justice in Haage keeps silent because it is under US control. Miloshevich was convicted but Court unfortunately forgot about Clinton who had bombed Kosovo. And now it doesn’t want to disturb Bush. American soldiers who jeered at prisoners in Abu Greib are not accountable to Court’s control, too. Well, I see only one way to correct this situation: we need to create a new international instance which will clear the question. And I think that France, Canada, Germany, Russia and Spain must be members of this international organ by all means.

Re: USA is a prison for nations.

This idea is definitely surfacing itself ever more often and I think sooner or later people will realise the necessity of discouraging behavior like that of USA.

Re: USA is a prison for nations.

Why don t you mention the massacre of Srebrenica where thousands of innocent including children were massacred in one night in a genocidal act ,one of he worse of the last century, wit the nod and complicity of the UN ?
UN is a genocidal institution dedicated to killing ,torturing and raping millions of people around the world.
They always play together with the world's worst buthcers and during their missions ,UN soldiers always rape hundreds of poor african, latino and asian children. That s a daily stuff.
If it were for for the NATO, no a single albano-kosovar was alive today nor a single muslim-bosnian (it contradictis the ignorants who say that UN is leading a cruzade against the Muslim world).
USA has made many blunders, but they cannot be compared with this Nazi-institution called United Nations

Re: USA is a prison for nations.

The United States is engaged in hegemony. Presently is is censorship. You should speak out abot the coopting the media space and intimidating dissent.


Re: USA is a prison for nations.

If the USA is failing and making blunders, it doesn t mean they are always mistaken nor ONLY USA makes mistakes.
United Nations is by far the worst, by causing millions of dead people with their no-policies.
France helped and caused the genocide in Rwanda, Italy helped Mr.Barre and then Mr. Aidid in Somalia, and their soldiers were torturing and killing civilians during "the peace mission".
Dutch blue helmets watched while the biggest massacre in Europe after the World War II was being made.
We must have a more ample perspective by judging everybody's mistakes and good things as well, if we want to show we have a little bit of culture in politics.