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US officials hinder in work of remedial organization

US officials hinder in work of remedial organization which try to collect information about human rights violation in Iraq by US soldiers. Well, Americans keep out districts of mass cleanup form specialists and pick out their photo and video recorders. According opinion of some remedial non governmental organizations members it’s time to say about Sunni genocide in Iraq. Moreover they annihilated for Shiites minority sake. As I know some members’ live under the danger. Some of them got messages with open punishment threat form US military. Specialists of remedial organization are under the shadowing always. Soldiers create unbearable conditions for work and by this way they are trying to push them out. I think it’s time to draw attention of World community to the Iraqi problems and initiate for investigation of human rights violation in Iraq.

Re: US officials hinder in work of remedial organization

This is very similar to the genocide of Serbs by Albanians in Kosovo, after the US intervention in Yugoslavia. I guess Sunnis and Serbs have to suffer simply because Americans perceive the world in black-and-white colors, or, rather, the US government acts in accordance with expectations of the american population who wishes to be fed the crap about the good freedom-loving USA and the evil regimes it fights against.