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The role of the UN

In the past years, the UN has fallen into its all times bottom levelsof credibility
In fact, today it is a complete fiasco.
It is serious and worrying, because we need an institution which can carry out the process of solidrity amongst all the world countries.
Giving the chairman of the Human Rights Commission to Lybia was something incredible to believe.
And later , giving the role of Human Rights supervisors to Cuba,Zimbabwe and Lybia...well, it is very worrysome at the shameful rockbottom point the UN has reached.
Look at their "Human Developement Statistics".!
If you send a 5 years old boy to make the statistics, he would probably do a better job!
How in the world they can say that Argentina has a higher living standard than Poland ???? How ???
Are they crazy, are they unlitered or are they joking with us ?
How can they say Tonga has a higher living standard than Turkey and Thailand ????? They must be joking, I cannot see another explanation.
How can they say Cuba has an higher living standard than Bahamas and Antigua and Barbuda ????
They are spitting on the hundreds of starving people selling their bodies and their souls to the first foreigner they see to get a piece of bread to survive!
How can they say Portugal has a higher living standard than Slovenia ???
The crazymen (or funny guy) who made these statistics have definitely never been to Slovenia,Portugal,Tonga,Thailand,Cuba or the Bahamas!
Cuba richer than Malaysia ????? Well, if it is a joke, why they don t say that. Maybe it is a surprise, they will tell us later it was a great joke.
How can they say that Bangladesh and Sudan have MEDIUM human developement index ??? Sudan richer than Kenya ????? Please WHERE ??? Maybe in the dusty Khartoum where people are dying in the streets or maybe in the south or in the western Darfur ? Where is the MEDIUM developement index?
This is the UN ,guys.
I have dozens of friends working in the UN, I always tell them I appreciate them and their work, but not the institution where are working it.
Koffi Annan lately urges a DEEP and urgent reform in the UN.
I hope this will not be another joke.
We need an insitution for all us. But a real and serious one. Not this shameful gang.
The history teaches us that the few times the mankind was gauge with real and genuine solidarity, the whole world progressed.
Neutrality is good until certain point.
Globalization is both our panacea and our ****ation, but it is here to stay, it is a non-reversal phenomenom.
So the problem of one country today (example Uzbesitan) can be our problems tomorrow.
Just an example: the actual fertility rate in Russia can be a national cataclism unless foreign labour force is imported. The same for the whole Europe.Canada and the US. So ,the problems of Mexico can be problems for the US too and for all us.
So not interfeiring it is ok in certain circunstances, but it could be a big mistake in many cases. Nobody had the courage to stop Hitler and see the disaster we all inherited !.
That s why we need a strong and capable UN; we cannot let all the decisions to the USA because they interests, strategy and point of views don t necessary match with the global world. We need a real institution where every democratic country will have the same weight and contribute to share its social achievements with the others. It doesn t mean imposing a culture or a currency or an economic policy, but just share it.
It is important not only in politics but in everything.
In the country where the penicilin was invented wasn t the only country where penicilin were used againts the TBC. Taking the quinine or the penicilin to the thirld world countries is not interfering with their culture, it is just sharing our achievement with the intention to help the whole humanity.
In this context ,even exporting our social and political achievement (not imposing a culture!) is correct. It must be part of our nature.
The theme deserves a whole book or even more, unfortunately I need to limit my space and invite you to give your opinion.

Re: The role of the UN

No doubt, US interference around the global should be stopped, and whatever inteference into the internal affairs of a country does take place, it should be international.

I think in the first place, the international community should be able to stop military agression of one country against the other.

Interference into the internal affairs of a country is a much more complicated matter. I would prefer that the international body should be given the power only to relieve the sufferings of civilians who may suffer of calamities, but not actually prepare any regime changes - it should be entirely up to the local population to decide which leaders they want to have.

The main problem with the current UN is not its inaccurate human right ratings, but its total humiliation by US.

Re: The role of the UN

Yes but their statistics also show their current incompetence.
Almost everybody admit that the UN is in a deep crisis now. They are not able even to know what they are and what they should do.
So they are being converted into a big white elephant.
A deep structural reform is urgently needed to build a structure with clear dutys and targets.

Re: The role of the UN

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