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Monsanto Sues Dairy Farmers

Just learned today that the Monsanto corporation sued a Maine dairy which packaged its milk with a hormone-free label. Monsanto claims the label misleads consumers into believing that artificial growth hormones may be unsafe (an issue that there is heated disagreement about around the world).

In a statement posted on its Web site, Oakhurst Dairy said it pledges not to use artificial growth hormones. "We are actively fighting Monsanto's efforts, and our argument is a simple one -- families have the right to know what is and isn't used in producing the milk they drink," the statement said. "While we make no claims regarding the science of artificial growth hormones, we feel strongly that keeping our customers fully informed is the right thing to do."

What good is freedom if people are barred from the information that allows them to make meaningful choices? True, it is not proven that artificial growth hormones are dangerous; but it's also far too early to assume that they are safe, so why not leave the choice to consumers?

What is the Monsanto Corporation doing to the environment this time? Find out.