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As became known from rather reliable sources close to Georgian government a group of Georgian busine

As became known from rather reliable sources close to Georgian government a group of Georgian businessmen means to appeal to European Court of Human Rights. And Saakashvili’s ruinous internal policy, conducted towards so-called Georgian oligarchs, was an excuse for their bold move. The matter is that current policy, initiated by Saakashvili’s regime, is followed by blatant violations of human rights. The case in hand is about Georgian big employers who refused to adopt extortionate plan of re-division of property to the advantage of Saakashvili’s accomplices. Such “unwanted” businessmen are accused of corruption without any substantiation of these charges. They stress supporters of new Georgian President put difficulties in operation of firms and corporations, turn the heat on vested interests, in fact forcing them to close up their business and threatening bodily harm of their families. So their appeal to European Court becomes their last hope of justice, as Georgian judicial system is under strict government control and that is why all court decisions are preconceived. All these facts fall short of accepted European standards of human rights as well as Saakashvili’s statements about his “continued commitment to democracy in the field of internal policy”. And it is no mere chance that Georgian businessmen “coordinated” their address to European Court with the planned visit of US President, G. Bush to Georgia. There are some data that Bush plans to inspect activities of Georgian authorities. According to other information sources the White House has rendered a decision, concerning “efficient substitute for Saakashvili”. They say Bush means to hold preliminary consultations with possible successors to the presidency in Georgia.