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What changes we can expect after the Pope's death ?

Do we have to expect any political change for the Vatican City and any consecuence for the global politics after the death of the Pope John Paul II ?
Is that possible any reconciliation between the Roman Catholic Church and the Russian Ortodoxan Church ?

Re: What changes we can expect after the Pope's death ?

I wouldn t expect any big change.
The enxt Pope is likely to be a conservative, so the Catholic Church is unlikely to make any concession.

Re: What changes we can expect after the Pope's death ?

It seems you were right, Ratzinger is known as a conservative.
I also heard Vatican City planned a transition Pope, but transition to what is roughly unclear to me.

Re: What changes we can expect after the Pope's death ?

Why should anyone care? Whatever changes there are, they will affect only catholics who actually go to church, a negligible proportion of the population in the so-called catholic countries.

John Paul II did play a role for undermining the communist regime in Poland (and probably CSSR and Hungary), but it was very minor.

Re: What changes we can expect after the Pope's death ?

When something is in the air, even a minor influence can be decisive.
There is some much money so much political power behind the Vatican City that they influence much more than you can ever imagine.
I just make a small example (I could make hundreds):the miserable african country of Uganda can be proud to achieve something incredible; the reduction of the HIV infection rate from 25% to 6% what they did is really amazing, no country in the world could even did anything similar to that.
Thanks to the government campaign ABC A-Abstinency if you can B-If you cannot abstain, Be faithful to your partner C- if you cannot be faithful or you have no partner, always use the Condom ABC campaign anywhere anytime in Uganda in the past years.
Well ,the Pope went there and he said that was not good, they weren t to use the condoms !
States like that can kill hundreds of thousands of people. Besides that, the influence of the Catholic missions in Rwanda,Burundi and Ethiopia were very decisive in fomenting tensions (altough they didn t want to do that) which eventuallt degenerated into bloody wars. In Italy itself ,Vatican City has a lot of meddling connections of politics, economy and influences.

Re: What changes we can expect after the Pope's death ?

Do you think they don't use condoms because the Pope told them not to? I think it is simply because they don't know what a condom is or just don't have a possibility to get one.

Pope could have influence on countries where catholicism is strong (and probably Italy to some extent), but certainly there are very few countries like that. I hope noone would be saying Catholicism is very strong in USA ...

Re: What changes we can expect after the Pope's death ?

You must know Catholic Church is taking its largest shares of money from big latinamerican catholic countries like Mexico and Brazil.
Low educated people are "used" sometimes they prefer to give some money to the Priest rather than feeding their children (I can say that because I have seen it with my eyes).
Some people are so fanatic that they do anything the Priest told me.
Actually there is a big fight from the US evangelism religions to take Latinamerican countries.
Economic reasons are also obvious and political reasons too.
Since I suppose Mr.Victor lived most of its life in a atheos or non-fervent religious country,maybe he is not an idea how strong is the influence of religion in everyday's life of less educated people.
They can be manipulated like puppets. Just to make you an example the costarican radio station Radio Maria was one of the biggest mafia of the country and they were collection millions of dollars from people who barely have money to eat. Later his speaker was shot death by a colombian killer ,apparently sent by the most famous priest Mr.Minor Calvo.
They turn people like zombies, specially in the third world countries.
But with these sentences I am not intended to offend anyone who follows any religion in the right way, I am just talking about the "collateral evils" (which are many) of many religions.

Re: What changes we can expect after the Pope's death ?

I also forgot to explain you the case-Uganda.
As I told , Ugandans have made a MASSIVE use of condoms, and they achieved something spectacular: a reductions from 25% to 6% in the HIV infection rate!
They can be proud of something: to be the best in the world of something, no country in the world, including the most educated and rich ones, like Norway, Australia, Japan and Australia could achieve something like that.
Why the Catholic Church must tell them "No, what you are doing is wrong.If you use condoms, you will go directly to the hell" .
That s terrible, the people of this poor miserable country did something amazing to be proud of and the Catholic Church tell them they are wrong and they could go to hell if they don t stop using condoms.
Well, of course many (not all) ugandans believed it and stop using condoms! In fact since the Catholic Church start its anticondom campaign reduction of HIV in Uganda has stopped! I don t believe in this coincidence.
Victor ,may you don t believe it, but most of the less educated and brainwashed people believe and did anything their religious leaders tell them!
See the case of the islamic suicide bombers! "If you kill yourself while killing the enemies of the Islam, the doors of the Paradise will open for you and you will have gorgeous virgin women in the paradise".
And just go to the poorest Christian families in Africa and Latinamerica with no money no food and 10 kids starving and ask them why they have so many children and they will tell you straight away
"Children are always a bendiction of God"
and you ask them :"Who told you that ?"
they will answer "God told that!"
I don t think starving children can be bendiction of God, but the Priest tell it to them and they will follow making children ,...starving children.
And just about the influence of the Catholic Church, look how Chinese govt. is afriad to thwart the growing Catholicism in China (estimated number of few millions and growing...).

Re: What changes we can expect after the Pope's death ?

well, this isn't really about any changes. But at the pope's funeral Ms. Rice wouldn't give up her seat to fmr. pres. Jimmy Carter. That wouldn't be so bad, but he was the only president to invite the pope to the White house! I think that that was totally selfish. What do you think?