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Human rights in Latvia as shown in free mass media

Ok, I did a search on what Western media write about Latvia. I think what I found is another curious case of media spin.


The article says about the SS veterans, that Nazis killed 90% of Jewish population in the country, that Latvian SS could have participated in that (Note local SS divisions and other collaborators formed in occupied territories were known to eagerly participate in mass murders and to be far more ruthless killers than the Germans). Nonetheless, there is no attempt whatsoever to denounce the Nazi parade. The article ends with the words of a Latvian who says he was a patriot and his problem was the "Bolsheviks", i.e. the anti-Nazi protesters.

The article then goes:
"Nearly one-third of the country's 2.3 million residents are native Russian-speakers, ....

Relations between Latvia and Russia have been chilly since Latvia regained its independence, largely because Russia has claimed that ethnic Russians in Latvia are mistreated. About half of Latvia's native Russian speakers are considered "non-citizens" and cannot vote or seek public office."

Again the obvious is just ignored - people are refused the citizenship, the rights to vote and seek public office on the grounds that they have a wrong nationality or speak a wrong language!!! Note people from EU countries become citizens of Latvia automatically after staying there for 3 months!!! Thereby, the relations between Russia and Latvia are "chilly" because of Russia's claim ethnic Russians are mistreated???!!!

Now, why should the Western mass media, the embodiment of the principles of Freedom and Democracy, ignore such outrageous violations of human rights??? This is what makes me even more curious than the survival of Nazi veterans in USSR.

Similar articles,1,1722492.story?coll=bal-opinion-headlines&ctrack=2&cset=true

Similarly, no comments, implicit or explicit, are made about the meaning of the Nazi parade in Latvia. However, the celebrations of the victory over Nazism to be held in Moscow this May are called "Anniversary of the Soviet "liberation" of Europe that Russian President Vladimir V. Putin will celebrate this spring". The idiot who wrote that article thought it OK to ignore the fact that the anniversary is the most important celebration in the year for most Russians, not just Putin. He was just concerned with taking another shot at the Russian president. To say nothing of the fact that Russians and many other peoples in USSR paid an enormous price to defeat Nazism and expressions and tone like that is a brainless insult.