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I need urgent help - Details of my Case.....

From: France Chorley – London, England: I need urgent help

If anyone genuinely wishes to help me, please write to me on my email address, which is:

Please note:

I do not deserve to be insulted by anyone: I am not mentally ill, or hysterical or disturbed in any way. Furthermore, I am not telling any lies about my case. Why should I lie? What would I possibly gain: Nothing at all.

Because I am unable to obtain any Justice and human rights in England, the fact that I am not allowed to take my Case to a court of Law, I am force to remain a prisoner in my own home, unable to go out anymore; yes, since 1995, I have not been able to go out at all, because of the police.

Also, I live in fear day and night, wondering what the police will do to me next, as they are refusing me grant me a solicitor and a lawyer and the right to defend myself in a Court of Law. Consequently, they can do anything they want with me, and my family and I can do nothing about it.


1. 10 or 12 years before 1992, I was accused falsely by the Unemployment Benefit Department of refusing jobs, which consequently, made me lose two years of Unemployment Benefit and two years of Pension Contribution.

I say falsely, because I have never refused any job in my life, therefore the accusation is totally false, made deliberately, so that they don’t have to pay me any money, unemployment Benefit, while I am unemployed. I believe the government does this to many people, to avoid paying them the money, which they are legally entitled to.

I also would like to point out that I was refused the right to appeal against this decision by the Unemployment Benefit Department. I contacted hundreds of lawyers and solicitors, but no one wanted to know.

2. In April 1993, I was ordered to be detained in a mental hospital by the police, with the complicity of a social worker and a psychiatrist, on totally false allegations.

The law says that one cannot be sectioned under the mental health act, without being examined by a social worker and a psychiatrist.

But I was not examined: I was asked only my name and address, which I knew perfectly well, and they found that I was severely mentally ill and had to be rushed to hospital.

Neither my wife of 20 years, nor my sons, nor anyone who knew me, knew of any mental illness in me. If examined by a social worker and a psychiatrist, no one could have found that I had any kind of mental illness

The Police only wanted to try and shut me up for clamouring for Justice and Human right: I was protesting against the Unemployment Benefit and also against the police, because three policemen had called on me and forcing their way in my house, had attacked my 70 year old mother and I. What they did to her could easily have killed her, considering her age and fail physique. I could not accept such senseless attack on us, and kept on writing hundreds of letters protesting.

Please also note that the Mental Health Commission rejected my complaints, ignoring my pleas that the allegations made against me by the police to order me to be detained in a mental hospital were totally false, and could easily have been proven to be false. The social services also rejected my complaints against the social worker, without checking that these allegations made against me were totally false.

3. On the 22nd of March 1995, I was arrested and locked up in a cell by myself and refusing me a lawyer, simply because I was trying to collect my two children from school; at that time they were still young and attended a Primary School.

Of course the police did not tell me that they were arresting me because I was collecting my children from school, but simply made stupid and preposterous allegations, for example, that I was “staring at these houses”, just because I was sitting in my car with my eyes opened and that the two boys were not my children, despite the fact that the children not seeing me at the school where I normally would go and meet them, came in the street where they knew I always parked my car, and stood in front of the police and I. Seeing me being surrounded and held by at least 6 policemen, scared, cried “papa, papa”. I told the police that they my two children I was about to collect from school; they said that I was lying and had to be arrested. They threw me with violence in the police car and drove away, leaving the children on the pavement, sobbing, scared and not knowing what to do and where to go. They took me to the police station, refusing me a lawyer, locked me up for 5 hours. The police had refused to accompany me to the school where I could have been identified immediately by the school, that I was the father of these two children and also that I collected them from school every day, saying that I was lying, that they were not my children.

After five hours, they released me, giving me back my car keys

Re: I need urgent help - Details of my Case.....

Are you an immigrant?

Re: I need urgent help - Details of my Case.....

Judging from what you wrote here, either you or the authorities that you had ot deal with are not quite alright in the head. Certainly, this should be taken to a psychiatrist.

Re: I need urgent help - Details of my Case.....

also let ask you are you imigrant or r u citizen,

because the case is quite complicated one, why they did you so.