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The way I want to live......

From: France Chorley – London England

My Email address is:

The way I want to live

Human history is not a history of increasing cleverness or increasing acuity of vision. It is just that we change our views. It is astonishing how many people, in this day and age, are still incredibly negative and cannot or will not change their views on certain matters. I think that no one will deny that we, Homo sapiens, are not always guided by reason. I tend to agree with Schopanoer, the German writer and philosopher who argues that human behaviour is governed not by the intellect but by the irrational impulses of the human will – which includes ambition, hate and sexual desires.

A central concern in my thought is that man is a being unique on this earth; he is endowed with an essential worth that exists nowhere else in the known world. Man is a being who may easily be degraded, but to degrade him is wrong. If he is debased, man is forced either to succumb or to defend himself and fight for his own human dignity.

In some of his Songs, Gustav Mahler says

Man languishes in great need
Man languishes in great pain

I agree, there are indeed great needs and great pain for us human beings on this earth; but I cannot help thinking that there is one kind of pain that we bring on ourselves and as long as there are people who cannot or will not change their views on certain matters, there will always be murders and totally unnecessary degradation of certain people and, in consequence, rebelliousness and retaliation with disastrous results, which is horrible, despicable and totally unacceptable. This is not a way to live! As it is, I feel bitterly, bitterly disturbed and ill at ease.

I am referring to the unreasonable question of intolerance on the part of white people against black people and black people against white people. To me, a perfectly ordinary person, I cannot see any sense in this kind of attitude. Even if one does not subscribe to any particular canon or credo in any religious faith, one cannot help - if any one cares to reflect - to realize that people with different coloured skin have always existed and will always exist just like there are different kinds of trees and flowers. To fell down a tree or pluck out a flower just because we do not like them is totally senseless because they do exist in abundance and however much we try we will never be able to destroy every single tree or flower we do not like. People, like trees and flowers, are part of nature and have always existed and will always exist. To kill one man or to bully and harass him until he commits suicide just because he is White or Asian or Black – how does this resolve one’s problem? Furthermore, I simply cannot see how, because someone is White, Asian or Black, affect me in any way and that I have to take those drastic actions against them. The fact of the matter is that our profession on this earth is to die and that is irrespective of whether one is White, Asian or Black. It is this mortal life and nothing else that we should consider and reflect upon.

We perfectly ordinary people cannot grasp what is going on in the mind of some people who, though possess with an immensity of a complexity of a brain, with which they can achieve almost anything they want, and yet say absolute barbaric inhumanities. I prefer to say that this is outside my range of outstanding.

One cannot listen to Gustav Mahler’s music without confronting the question of music as an expression of life. The “Adagietto” in his 5th Symphony is a case in point. And there are so many examples of this in his music. Mahler’s music takes one beyond what one is able to bear, because it is the relief and because it is the freedom. Music, like Mahler and Bach’ music, help us to touch something that is eternal and greater than ourselves.

A few years ago, I witnessed something on television that brought tears to my eyes and it still does whenever I watched this particular programme on my video. It was at a performance of the Vienna “New Years Day” concert and while the orchestra was playing a waltz – “Roses from the South”, incidentally, one of my favourites – something happened that I have never seen before, something that touched me very, very deeply: The Vienna Choir boys distributed flowers to members of the audience – European, Chinese, Black people, any one. I thought, that is what I want to see, all the time, all over the world, no crime of any sort, just pure love for every human being. This is the way I want to live!

France Chorley

Re: The way I want to live......

I enjoyed your post...

It seems obvious that humans are motivated in their actions by a good many things ranging from impulse of chemical imbalance to sex, fear, etc.

You also presented a lovely picture (IMHO) of "how you want to live".

For the sake of discussion, I wonder how this desire could be made manifest?

It seems that on one extreme, you could live like this *now* and at all times simply by choosing to see the world that way... to simply judge all things you see, all events you witness, as being examples of what you desire.

This is a tall order.

You would have to be able to witness a murder and "see it" as a non-violent gift.

To most, this would represent self deception to a degree that is probably impossible for most people to attain.

This leaves a world where your natural judgement of others (which may differ from that of others!) will largely form your ability to live as you desire.

In short, you will depend on others to live the way you want. They will have to act in a manner that is consistent with your life desires.

This is of course the crossroads of utopia and free human will...

Those seeking utopia eventually discover the truth of what I have so simply stated... and some who are determined to exist in utopia move on to the next logical step, trying to compel others to live in a manner that (they believe) will result in utopia.

"It is hereby directed that children shall pass out flowers to all visitors."

Rest assured, one of those children will want to play loud and screeching rock music instead... to hell with flowers, citing freedom of expression and a love of music.

Suddenly utopia is gone, and the enemy is obvious. It's not the kid with the guitar (though he may have fallen from grace), it is the guitar. If there were no amplified guitars, this kind of thing could not happen.

Ampplified guitars are banned.

Utopia is reestablished.

And the cycle goes on... enemies are banned. Those that fall from grace suddenly start "disappearing" because they promote such anti-social behaviors in others... and the next thing you know is that you have a body count (hidden of course, otherwise you spoil "utopia").

History has gone this general route many times...

Of course, I know you were only expressing a desire of how nice things might be... hypothetically...

In the end, it must be acknowledged, I believe, that all human conditions, to the extent that humans can control them, come from the balance of the control of people verses the COST of that control.

America is buying control in the middle east right now... it is expensive, but so is allowing Arab radicals to run about unchallenged.

Only time will tell if it was a wise investment...

But I've rambled on long enough...!

More discussion on request.

Best regards,