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The Truth about UK

From: France Chorley – London, England.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not deserve to be insulted by anyone; I am not mentally ill and I am not lying about my Case.

If anyone genuinely wishes to help me, please write to me on email address, which is:

Who cares about Human Dignity, Civil Rights or Human Rights in UK?

Neither the Law nor the Church nor the Police give a **** about these.

Where is the Justice and Human Right in this country? UK is nothing but a Totalitarian Regime in disguise.

To understand about the Truth about UK and to know about my Case, please go to my Website:

If anyone has problems with the law and unable to obtain justice and human rights in UK, perhaps you could join this Group and put your problems on it too.

Neither the Commission for Racial Equality nor anyone else in England will help me. I am a black man.

Unable to continue leaving under such extreme circumstances as the police are forcing me to live under – prisoner in my own home and unable to go out of my house since 1995 and living in fear day and night, because of the very serious, but totally false allegations, being made against me by the Police and wondering what they would do to me next and unable to obtain any Justice and Human Rights in this country, as a Black Man, I recently begged the Home Secretary to either deport me or have me executed, instead of allowing me to suffer for the rest of my life.

Both my requests have been denied, pitilessly, totally unconcerned about my plight, preferring to see me suffer for the rest of my life; not even bothering to consider my Whole Case.

Since 1993, I have been desperately seeking help, but so far I have been unable to obtain any.

I am still begging for help. If anyone, after reading my Websites and about my problems, thinks he or she can help me, I would be grateful if you would write to me on my Email address, which is:

Thank you

France Chorley

Re: The Truth about UK

What are you on about?