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Human Rights NGOs of the EU

All these imported criminals should be imprisoned. But they are joking and owning all these houses... Swedish people built such houses for imprted thugs meanwhile real Saweidh families searching flats for themselves.. There is another one idiotic folck on the world who giving money and several keys to the murderers, to the crack handler molestors?!...

Ordinary Swedish people can not find free suites+flats so easily what ChildSeller Criminals directly get; it's incredible mystically... It's injustice! Criminals get more profites over all areas; more than Swedish people...
A group of stolen children revealed traffickers / sellers coming almost from Uzbekistan.. They are very clever on fraud fixinf And by this way they were placed at the port Harbour Nynäshamn so they can easily doing this work (!)... In an even performated way e.g. most revealing leader figures (again same persons) criminals, just here:

Khusnitdin IVATOV, born 1969-07-02, Backluravägen 23 A. lgh 1203, 149 43 NYNÄSHAMN
Khusnitdin's wife((!) Markhabo Abduraimova, born 19711112, Backluravägen 23 A lgh 1203, 149 43 Nynäshamn

Khusniddin's criminal son Shohruh IVATOV, born 1993-02-12,
Backluravägen 23 A. lgh 1203, 149 43 NYNÄSHAMN

Shohruh's prostittut-sister Shirin Ivatova, born 19950822,
Backluravägen 23 A lgh 1203, 149 43 Nynäshamn. Yes, it's the most unveiled World-famous ChildSeller Mafia. Shame on Sweden!

The system is cynical! People should wake up and punish these criminals!
Flashback media say, wanted terrorists change their names in cooperation with corrupt employees such migraSionala Khusnitdin IVATOV units in reality Husniddin KELDIYAROVICH IVATOV in his first asylum application file no. 10-70 92 87

- The decaying ship has no real rättsskippet, alas! Otherwise, the id-vendor employees can not be left in free society. Inside ...
- Most fiiffiga peaks **** in this plant ... Migration Board has a lack of inspection.
- The system has a shortage of "Transparency democracy"!
- True! There was once a series of conferences in the ABF propaganda centers, audiences demanded concrete example of "transparency". And there appeared a person himself who would be decicionmaker-head slightly in the Migration Board. "It's me" said the man, without a doubt ...
- What's his name?
- Peter Staffan Mokvist!
- AHHAA! But he's "Transvestite"?!
- Mokvist: Sure! There, he meant!
- !..

ChildSeller Russian Mafia Иватов operating just now in the EU areal

Thanks to Rebeca BERGKVIST for a piece of info on Nynäshamn Child Bordellos!


Militarized insanity bizarro!
NATO kills children. And Sweden's Masonry Jewry Alliance piigies support such "Common Military Operations"; incredible insanity scenes, Sweden exposes beyond bloody Israeli projects...
Flying unopposed over Libyan airspace, NATO’s fighter planes bombed the residence of the Gadhafi family, killing his youngest son and three grandchildren. What a glorious victory for the defenders of innocent civilians! The NATO-crats, of course, deny targeting either Gadhafi or his family members: those much-touted high-tech weapons, with their "precision" targeting capabilities, seem to have had a very convenient breakdown. But at least one Republican Senator wasn’t fooled. Lindsey Graham had this to say: "I support what NATO did. I thought this was a good use of the mandate. This is the way to end this [conflict]. Thousands of people are subject to dying, the longer this takes. No one in the world is going to regret Gadhafi being replaced, however you do it. I want to thank NATO for expanding the scope of these operations." "A good use of the mandate" - killing three grandsons of the Libyan dictator, all under t