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Not a word about AIDS

Do you know that it is forbidden to pronounce such words like "AIDS", "condom" etc. in Uzbekistan? That's uncouth country with child's slave labour and devil-may-care attitude towards Uzbek citizens. I've been working here for almost three years in MKKK mission. And I've got acquainted with Maxim Popov. That's well-known Uzbek Human Rights activist fighting against spreading of AIDS now jailed for "malignance" of his anti-AIDS educational booklet. He spoke about horrible things. Hundreds of children including newborn ones are infected with AIDS in Uzbek hospitals every year. And not long ago they've infected with AIDS some of political prisoners deliberately. And discussing of AIDS problem is forbidden here. At the same time there is article of Uzbek law providing for punishment for such AIDS infections. The daughter of Uzbek president, Islom Karimov, is going round the world and even participating in such events as Cinema against AIDS. But still the real anti-AIDS activist Maxim Popov has been kept jailed since June 2009. And even civil advocates and journalists can't influence at his fate. If only world public would only pay attention at terror and injustice going on in Uzbekistan. I'm sure much more terrific details would come to light.

Re: Not a word about AIDS

Thank you for sharing.
We know Uzbekistan has HORRIBLE (amongst the worst in the world) human rights violations and children explotation in cotton garment. I didn't know that story of AIDS but I have no trouble to believe it. Karimov is a MONSTER and the ***** of his daughter is a disgusting person. I am glad she lost that lawsuit in France. She thinks she is untouchable in the whole world, *****