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Today I read a post in another website and felt like it was something that would be best answered here: "Today I am happy to start this new thread in which I want to say something about how western countries deceived their people, they say we want spread of democracy and they always attack foreign nations, they colonized many others they support terrorist states like Ethiopia, Israel, etc.and those nations made many atrocities with many people like Ethiopia colonized Somali OGADEN Territory and different ethnics."

Re: Somalia

First off, I'd like to state that I am sympathetic to the plight of Somalians. The UN has also stated that it knows that the formation of Somalia pirates is due to the raping of there own fishing ground. Foreign countries send hugh fleets of fishing vessels that virtually rape the Somalia protected waters. Fishing was a hugh export for the Somalia people. They retaliated with boarding of these vessels to seek permits and if taxes were paid. When they were found to be illegal they were taken into custody. Since no formal government is in place, they turned to themselves to handle negotiations. This group of Somalia fisherman have been taken over now by terrorist groups. Why can't the UN Navy forces start chasing illegal fishing vessels out of Somalia's waters? Just my thoughts

Re: Somalia

Dear Lee,

I am happy to read your statement in which you showed me you are symphatetic for this somali concern on pirate problem and raping of somali natural resources as you mention somalia is where no formal and effective governement is in place just we like to extend our hands to the international community to put in place effective programs towards negotiating how these problems should be resolved.

this is my thought.


Re: Somalia

Yes.. I have been concerned about Somalia when I did some simple research on the pirate issue. There I found out the UN knew what the source was of the pirates.. that was, Somalia trying to protect their own fishing grounds from foreign fishing fleets. But wasn't sure how to protect the fishing grounds... But I digress. It is my opinion that the US is trying to spread Democracy. Which simply means... putting the power of the government into the hands of the citizens of their countries. Many times it means we have to force out dictators or military governed regimes. Many times this is when wars break out. We are more than able to handle that route if they should decide to go there. Human right violations occur most in these regimes. Also the poor people of that nation are suffering the most. Somalia needs a government made up from the people. I believe they want that too. But they are many that are making a lot of money without government controls that don't want that. I have read about Somalia's honored path at keeping there country out of the hands of foreigners... but sometimes it's better to accept help, than to deny it. The US isn't interested in taking over Iraq and Afghanistan. But just to help them to form a government that can represent all the people and letting them go on there way. I'm also worried about the Taliban moving into Somalia. They thrive in places where the government is weak or easily controlled. Well... I hope my government is acting as I have stated. One really never knows. But if they aren't then I will vote the powers that are in contol, out... That's democracy... Good talking with you my friend.

Re: Somalia

Yes I get your point, LEE you have said that your government wants handover power to the citizens of their country, Somalians beleive that foreign troops cannot put peace on somalia but internal reconciliation between somali people can only be the solution.


Re: Somalia

I agree with you... Lets take Iraq as an example.. they were run by an evil dictator. The people there were suffering from his rule, but couldn't overthrow him. So we did. Then we stuck around trying to get free elections and internal reconciliation between all the different groups that live there. We're not conquering Iraq... we're just trying to set them free. To give them a chance to be who they (the people) want to be. Foreign troops are there to remove the bad people in power and to protect those that want to step up and take control for the good of all of the countries' peoples. As well to protect the local people that want peace. Good hearing from you friend.

Re: Somalia


I read your article, first and the foremost examples you take is different from the situation of our own country, as we know Iraq's adminstration was handed over from Suni group to ****e group and still civil war is ongoing there.
Afghanstan has no stable condition till now, we hope only mutual respect is the only solution for this wold.

just my thoughts.

Re: Somalia

Somalia - not having a recognized government has left the Somali waters open to fishing. The UN has been in Somalia for some time and remember the US even tried to difuse the situations ongoing some years ago. My ultimate idea is to have a unilateral invasion of Somali and make it a multi national controlled country. Someone will say sounds like Iraq, but if the ppl can't do it on there owen then you need to have the more civilited countries step in before the country totaly destabilizes and terrorism steps in -- oh wait that has already happened.

Re: Somalia

I read your article, first and the foremost examples you take is different from the situation of our own country, as we know Iraq's adminstration was handed over from Suni group to ****e group and still civil war is ongoing there.
Afghanstan has no stable condition till now, we hope only mutual respect is the only solution for this wold.

The process in Iraq is still very much on going... but it is more peaceful and safer than before. People rights to freedom is wide spread now. More and more Iraq people are starting to experience it. I think you feel like the UN forces are going to invade you country and take control.. I see it more as a intervention. They will step in and take control. Stop the warring and get a representative of all the different warring factions to the table to talk about the grievances. This in itself is a monumental task. Then get them to form a government made from up from representatives from all the groups, each one having the same vote as the rest. Then we can slowly back out. The way I see it... John

Re: Somalia

Thank you for your coments, I am happy to share with you with you feeling, but when we are talking from the reality not good words like we want government made up from the people, a government representing all the groups.

The US and western are telling the media they want peace and democracy but they are killing daily civilians by cruise misiles and F_16 aircrafts is that democracy, did you hear the media what happening Afghanstan almost civilians are targetted why?.
We know what happened Abu_Guraib prison like abuse beyond the humanity they made by the american soldiers.

Almost we hear International community are sending troops to waring areas, but I surprise why they dont want send troops to middle East in order mediate Israel and Phalestine.

I think Somalia's sate was destroyed by foreign intervention, and still inverventions is going what results made by that intervention unless endless fighting!!.

Then hear you friend.


Re: Somalia

Good discussion and everyone sound to know about prevailinig troubles of Somalia and the Somali people.
I would like to brief you of why Somalia has fallen into such situation in the first it true Somalis are by nature difficult and cannot govern themselves.Surely it isn't.
The self proclaimed state of Somaliland is infact better governed than most of the recognised states in Africa and many more elsewhere. so why the so called democratic,peace loving nations of the world sidelined Democratic peaceful Somaliland and punish them over 20 years by not allowing them in international platform. It is all because powerful states known for pursuing own self-interest on whatever cost don't want a sovereign state of Somalis coming to being. surely otherwise the abundant natural resources wealth of Somalis will be produced and if that happens they lose.
Better inhabitants of the horn be moved (to Europe and N.America etc) first, and let others die of hunger war and starvation, perhaps than only production can commence.

Re: Somalia

Dear all,

Having read your story my friend named Rashed Meigag, as we all aware, internationally there is no border between Somali community, and there is no difference in adminstration between Puntland, Galmudug, Hiiraan State, Juballand and what so ever fragmanted pieces split following the overthrow of the former military regine in 1991.

Internationally speaking, I don't beleiving the solution to problem is that to endore those adminstrations, regardless of our own believes Somali community should understand that one single flad, one nation, repressenting by all groups and all regions having equal vote like others is the solution.

What is a worthknowing, role of the international community must remain endorsing and supporting the will and the wish of our community in order realize sustainable solution to the existing problem.