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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Re: Is eastside that bad?Or are they that bad?

Who you wit? Eastside. I've been watching Eastside play for years & they've always been a rowdy team (for the good). I really hope that whatever issues & playa hatin' that's going on can be resolved & everybody can just play ball.

Re: Is eastside that bad?Or are they that bad?

whatever the problems are they will be resolved so quit hating. ESP FOR LIFE

Re: Is eastside that bad?Or are they that bad?

Hey Everybody,
I am not condoning anything close to conflict that goes past mere arguing, but let's face it....Most of the frustration is from the poor organization that the BASA is promoting. ESP isn't the root cause, and I hate that people are trying to make them a scapegoat, for a tournament in INDY that should have been great, but was marred by BASA inconsistency! ESP wasn't the only frustrated team in INDY! I saw many frustrated teams over the poor umpiring, lack of knowledge of the umpires, inconsistency in the director's decision-making and flat out no rules at all (men and women's teams). To all of you who think I'm making this up, let me give you some true examples that I discovered in my investigation:
1) Park waited 45 minutes for a team from St. Louis to show up, only to give a team from Cincinnati, a forfeit after 15 minutes!
2) The ladies played on a field in which the mound was not at regulation distance. Instead of making the change to prohibit risk of injury, they just allowed the games to keep on going. Not taking anything away from the eventual champion, but that field gave an unfair advantage to teams with patience at the plate. More research would probably say that most pitchers walked more batters than they normally do?! Hope no ladies hurt their arms, I'm sure they are sore!
3) The intercom screamed every 20 minutes for teams to pay their fees and turn in their roster prior to their first game?! You mean to tell me, nobody was checking for an illegal player until Sunday? Sounds to me like MONEY over MATTER! I can bet that City Hitters didn't get their entry fee back? And what about the teams that City Hitter beat? Aren't they deserved of a refund?
4)It should be of note that the park fell 2 hours behind on games Saturday (See #1), causing some teams to have to play at 7am on Sunday! Call me a tournament novice, but I asked around and nobody had ever heard of a tournament starting at the crack of dawn on a Sunday?
5) BASA umpires need better training! I heard hundreds, and I literally mean hundreds of players asking, "IS THIS BASA OR U-TRIP?" I heard from one of my sources that he asked an umpire and got a response of "IDONO"
So, you see ladies and gentlemen, let's not bash ESP just to make them scapegoats. We need rulebooks fast! BASA is creating an environment of confusion by not having one, and it is spilling over to it's product. The players and the teams!(Also see Graystone Blogs)In closing, there will always be a team like ESP! Those of you who have been around, can name them as you read in your head! Banning them is not the answer? And anyhow, show me what constitutes banning a team in the BASA rulebooks?! OH, I forgot......There is no BASA rulebook! Whatcha know about that?