BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!

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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Hey Carlos,

I know what you are talking about. I only ask for a rule book and people wanted to jump in on that. You always try to stay on top of the rules changes. Being an umpire, and when I play, I want to know exactly what the rule is when I have a question. After the tournament this weekend in St. Louis, several people see what I'm talking about. Everyone wants to play, but want an level playing field. It's not fair for the true rec teams to play against super rec that could play be playing in the competitive division. I have seen complaints about the way the tournament was organized and ran this past weekend. It was some problems. BASA headquarters is where, St. Louis, so that's tells you something right there. I guess if you get your players out of the STL, you can play in any division you would like also. Just make two divisions and go with that, if they won't be fair to all teams. BASA could be great, but the powers that be, have to take the first step. Sit down at the table and get this right. Carlos, I will see you down the road. Good luck and get ready for the BASA community to come calling since your post. I agree with you, brother.

Re: Carlos-Greystone

Greg and Carlos,real talk!The tourney in St.Lou was pathetic!I'm not dissing anyone from the Lou because we Love the teams as well as the city but BASA has to step on the outside and look within.It's one thing to promote the Triple Crown and then upon arrival be told that there wasn't one THIS YEAR.It's another thing when directors tell you that they have a rulebook at home and someone is on their way to retrieve it but then come back to say that they live an hour away.This is enough to make anyone upset and we may have lost our most valuable player behind it.Eventually,the BASA will man up,I just hope that we are still around!