BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!

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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Just in case some of ya'll wanna step out in Nap. On Friday, you should go to the Savoy for First Friday; BIZ Markie is DJing. Savoy is on 86th Street across from the host hotel (Marten). NO denim; the theme is WHITE (but, not require); no gym shoes or t-shirts. Go to for more info.

On Saturday, the Savoy is open again. There are few spots on the east side - just depends how "grimey" you wanna get.

For the real extracurricular, holla at me on the e-mail.

"The Ghetto Scholar"


Man Gitlive#5 where the hell have you been and I thought you fell off the map. What have you been up to lately.


I'm still kickin' it Besides softball, the new gig, family, and frat keeping a brotha busy; I won't count all the other hustles we need to stay above water. Do me a favor and keep the STL heat in Missouri - my daugher barely recongnized my black a$$.

Hit me on the cell (317.538.4983) if you wanna step out for minute on Friday. Just a minute 'cause City Hitters might play at 6AM


Man Gitlive#5 if we play at 6AM then our last game will be at 2PM and we can kick it the rest of the day until Sunday. So I will call you as soon as I hit Indy. We are staying at the Laquinta off Michigan. Here is my number (314 348-2504) and next time you come to the Lou get some sunblock.