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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Re: Political

none of the above. I would vote for Baraak Obama(sp?)

Re: Political

now you right on 502, I think Baarck out of Illinois would be a great candidate for president

Re: Political

Why? I know of him but not much. What would be your reason for voting for him?

Re: Political

Barack Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Re: Political

Let me twist the game up even more.
Hilary Clinton vs Condaleeza Rice.

Condi we might be cousins somewhere along the line but you in bed with the wrong folks and I won't vote for ya Cuz!

Re: Political

Nor would I 502-#45. SHe is diffinately playing on the wrong team. But you know, she is probably a great person and would do a better job. I believe that the Bush Administration has made her look as bad as she does. She is the one you see on tv trying to minimize the issues all the time and it hasnt help with her status.

Re: Political

Good topic...can't comment right now... big brother could be watching will chime in after work though

Re: Political

Group discussion stated....

quote ----- "I chose Senator Clinton because of the job that her husband did in the house for the African American race"------

you gotta be kidd'n__ right?

let's see.....what did 'Prez KKKlinton' do for Blacks.

first off....

signed on to continue the conservative republicans insidious bill called
'Welfare reform' or('Personal Responibilities Act') forcing many unskilled young Black Mothers to go out an get a minimal wage job(in most cases $4.50 hr)or fend for themselves. Now try to take care of 2 or 3 kids at $4.50 hr and at the same time paying for day care to watch your children, to say the least of the worst of that bill.__go figure!


During the KKKlinton years the signing of the 'Violent Crime Control Act'....putting more Black men in prison than any term in history (since this bill was instituted, the prison populations remains about 70% Black men)__ go figure!

how bout' this.....

I do believe he was responsible of creating NAFTA....opening up the industrial and manufacturing world to freely trade with North American Countries....taking many unskilled jobs oversees.... one of the effects of this 'act' was the lost of many unskilled jobs to oversee's competition, held by Black men and women, causing many traditional factory jobs held within the Black community to go Global....Globalization is a serious threat to Black men.

group discussion smell the coffee, who ever you are...we need new leadership in our community, a leadership that will connect our African Nations with Black people around the world...we need to spread our wealth and power, it's the only way out! This current democracy is not working!


ebonically brilliant and provocative__________________

super d(motordetroit)

Re: Political

super_d(motordetroit), good points but let me ask you this. You would rather pay for someone to live on welfare and not do anything then give them reasons to go out and better themselves? I understand how hard it is to raise two or three kids as a single parent and off of minimum wage, I am a social worker, but you nor I forced anyone to go out and find themselves in this position. And if you chose to use the Personal Responibilities Act as a means of argument, then go read about it first. I wrote a paper on The Personal Responsibility Act just to learn more about it. It wasnt in place to hurt the "Black Race". I was put in place to get people off their butts and do something for themselves. Now lets go a little further. You're trying around the PRA, but have you contacted your local Department of Human Services to see what the "African American" welfare recipient percentage is since this bill was enacted? I would suggest you do that before you go downing something when you seem to only know the outline reasons.

Now on to the "Violent Crime Control Act." This bill didnt put black people nor anyone in prison. Laws and bills dont put people in jail people put themselves. And if you do your research, the black prison population has been that high for a long time. But let me guess, thats Clintons fault as well? Remember, just because you read the cover of a book doesnt mean you know what the story is about. Learn more about what you speak of and then give me the knowledge. Im always welcomed to it. And by the way. This group discussion was about opinion anyways. I thank you for yours.

Re: Political

quote.... "but you nor I forced anyone to go out and find themselves in that position"

Negro pleeeeeeeaze! WTF__racism and government conspiracy are at the core of the social crisis amongst Black people.

An inimical practice of 'amerikkkan terrorism', 'jim KKKrowism' , lynching, barbarism, slave trading, and slave labor brings forth witness to the nefarious ideology and practice of white supremacy and has left its indelible scar on all spheres of Black life.

I see you consist of the ole' Pick yourself up by your bootstrap' philosophy__ It ain't that simple 'hommie'

like one cia member stated, talking about Black folk in the New York Times a few years ago,


"Just because you don't think ain't nobody standin' behind you don't meant they ain't!"

take that anyway you want!

You need to consider the external social factors that go into the Black mental brain computer. There is already a certain predominance of those living in poverty-ridden conditions__ not to mention the shattering and fragmentation of Black Society, Black Families, neighborhoods, schools, churches, etc.

You being a social worker should understand that with a limited capacity to chase off self-contempt and self-hatred, the possiblities of ongoing pathological behavior maturates, leaving many poor Blacks susceptible to daily lives endured with little sense of self and fragile existential moorings.

This is something that will never be completely cured in our community, and certainly not by the ersatz 'pie in the sky' mythology that you and your white house masters possess!

come on home brotha'...the revolution has started, which side will you be on??????


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super d(motordetroit)

Re: Political

Again, if you go back to the original topic. Its was a question of the here and now. You are bringing things that has been around for hundreds of years. How in the heck does the present has anything to do with what started back then? I understand how you are relating the past with how the future is now but not to the initial question. And by the way, I live by proof. You speak of government conspiracy. Please, provide you proof of that. Now dont get me wrong. Im not defending. I just dont have alot of knowledge of what you speak about. So give me knowledge. I can tell by what you speak of you are very knowledgeable and this "group discussion" wasnt meant to become a war of worlds, but just that, a group discussion.

Re: Political

With respect to you my friend, I don't want to 'jack' your I'll let other members voice their opinions on the initial subject of...

"If the election was tomorrow, and you had to chose between Senator Hillary Clinton and Al Gore, who would you elect for president"?

Just be careful of 'amerikkkana democracy'... remember it has a vicious past in relationship to our people.

interesting reads....

check out the full works of,

J.A. Rogers.

peace to whom ever you are.


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super d(motordetroit)

Re: Political

Super_D - let me get this right you are basically saying that the Personal Responsibilities Act is forcing many unskilled young Black Mothers to go out and get a minimal wage job (last time I heard minimal wage is over $6.00 an hour). Why not look at it as helping all people either black, white, Mexican or whatever to achieve self respect by working for a living and paying your own bills. The Act is basically stating that if you want to continue to receive assistance then you need to learn how to maintain a job and learn responsibilities. I'm not sure about you but I have worked since I was 16 years old, I am now 32. Nothing ever got handed to me, everything I have I busted my A** to get. And do you know what it is like to work two jobs (minimal wage) to go to college when there are all races of people who don't work but go to college for free rather it is by grants or some other kind of assistance. Or when you are at the grocery store buying the bare minimal with what little money you have so that you can have the essentials for the week and there is someone (either white or black – Welfare is not color blind – it has all races as recipients)in front of you with two young children and a buggy load of groceries and then they pay for it with food stamps back then and now EBT card, but then to only go outside and see the same person getting in a $35,000 or more vehicle. Now you tell me what is fare?

Just for your information below was pulled out of the Act. If you feel that by helping families to get an education or by making sure that families already on assistance are not having more kids is ridiculous, to me it sounds like they are trying to better the AMERICAN people. Last time I checked regardless of your race you were an AMERICAN.

`(a) IN GENERAL- The purpose of this part is to increase the flexibility of States in operating a program designed to--

`(1) provide assistance to needy families so that children may be cared for in their own homes or in the homes of relatives;

`(2) end the dependence of needy parents on government benefits by promoting job preparation, work, and marriage;

`(3) prevent and reduce the incidence of out-of-wedlock pregnancies and establish annual numerical goals for preventing and reducing the incidence of these pregnancies; and

`(4) encourage the formation and maintenance of two-parent families.

`(b) NO INDIVIDUAL ENTITLEMENT- This part shall not be interpreted to entitle any individual or family to assistance under any State program funded under this part.

Regarding your comment about the Violent Crime Control Act of putting more Black Men in prison is just unreasonable. First of all that act provides for Substance abuse treatment for prisoners, Violence against women, child pornography and crimes against children along with a lot of other crimes. I'm not sure what your implying by saying the 70% of the prison population are black men is because of Clinton. If that is the case then I guess you are one of those AMERICANS who blame others when things don't go your way or you get in trouble for something YOU did.

And you are right we do need new leadership in our communities. But until someone steps up and takes on that responsibility then you will have to settle for what is there and not complain. And you state that we need to connect our African Nations with Black people around the world....we need to spread our wealth and power - what does that mean. In my opinion that is our problem - we need to take care of our own backyard instead of someone else's - meaning we need to strengthen our on AMERICAN society before we help other nations. And then you say it's the only way out - the only way out of what? The only way out is to get an education and make a difference.

Another thing the majority of AMERICANS who complain about the government and politics are the ones who are not registered to vote. Voting gives you power to control who is making the laws. Sometimes no candidate is worthy of holding their elected position but sometimes you have to pick the lesser of two evils until someone better comes along in the next election.

This is just my opinion and everybody has one.

Re: Political

This discussion started as a political discussion and shifted to socio economic theory; let's discuss globalization as the first premise of capitalism in that the cost of labor reduced increases profits, the reason for globalization, next let's discuss the third and fourth world economic models which give rise to the global unrest we see today, the Colonialism of the past centuries, keep third world countries uneducated and ill prepared for the industrial revolution, this gave rise to the great robber Baron, Melon, Dupont Getty and Rockefeller and last but not least Cecil Rhodes, whgo had the audasity to name a country after himself Rhodesia upon the continent of Africa, Economics drive the engine of opression, which candidate will engender us more to gain access to the mainsteam economy, we are enevitably choosing the lesser of two evils, in that light I believe Senator Clinton has a better grip on the socio-economic factor that give rise to Chaos where as the Republican Party is so out of touch with reality that none of their candidates will address the economic inequity that gives rise to governmental instability in the Mid East

Re: Political

Super_d, just my opinion and ghost, I have to say that it makes me smile to have input like this on something that is outside of the softball diamond. Even though we all come with our own view points and opinions, we are all still workers for a better good. Super_d, its clear you and I dont agree much but you have much knowledge. I feel you present your information in a different light then I. Nothing wrong with that. Just my opinion I love the fact that you and I see alot of things the same. I feel strongly about taking care of our own country as well before we go shipping out billions of dollars to assist others. Specially when New Orleans, Mississippi and the other places hit by the hurricanes arent even half back to normal. Like just my opinion said, this isnt about color, its about a human race and my "opinion" is Mrs. Clinton would be a better candidate then Gore. Thanks for the replies. Ghost, you continue to keep it real. THanks man...