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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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A thought for Easter (a msg to people of God)

Dying to Live

Kinfolk cast your cares into the wind
If the come back just do it again
And again and again for all your ways
Cuz then where would you be?
And what would you do?
I mean if you change that,
you might actually risk evolving into something thats true.
And answer me this:
Exactly how did we get to where we are?
We claim to be taking great strides
But don't seem to be moving very far.
But thats understandable.
Considering that we live in a society that only
accomodates two disciplines:
Superficiality and Dishonesty. Or is that one?
The Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth proclaim
that there is nothing new under the sun,
But why is it that I used to feel safe when I left the house without my gun.
It makes me reminisce. But that was:
"Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again
Yeah I borrowed the line but we're on borrowed time
And everybody's running to and fro looking for the I'm Ooops, I mean the I AM thes great but I AM
Sick and tired of the frustrations that come from being a man.
Not a man as in a make because I love me some female
But sometimes this flesh and blood feels more like a cell
And life can be hell.
And though I'm not exactly sure why the caged bird sings.
I know every time my spirit shouts your ears only recieve hollow rings.
And we descneded from Queens and Kings.
A reason to live is why I used to do things.
And it was satisfying. Not anymore.
Now I'm looking for a reason to die.
And let me tell you why.
Yesterday I chose to lie my last lie.
Last night I decided to cry my last cry.
And when I woke up this morning I asked the Spirit for something to give.
So I could stop living to die and start dying to live.

Re: A thought for Easter (a msg to people of God)

With so much it seems to be happening this week with the amount of violence this is target.

Re: A thought for Easter (a msg to people of God)

Re: A thought for Easter (a msg to people of God)

Life Begins W/Truth

As my Twisted Realities Unwound Through Him
I realized now that I'd spent valuable time in places I never should have been.
I knew my story,
Thought that me the author
But as I spoke with the Father,
He had much more to offer.
He gave me new direction, a new mind, a new team.
He gave me new sight,
Son once again...I could dream.
My dreams then filled the sky,
Contained only by my soul.
Like Red Bull it gave me wings,
But perhaps that was his goal.
Now in the past I had read bull that would suggest this was wrong.
But I soared with the eagles
As the angels sung their songs.
While we talk to each other in conclusions forgone.
And before long.
Those rhythmic conversations yielded Radiant
Emanations & Became Inoculations Restoring The Harmony that was within me..Why?
Because within me there is three.
That's the G
The O,
And the D.
That's my teacher,my friend, and my mirror of who to be.
All those point in my past filled with nothing but strife.I now see those were times I was meant to bring life.
But I didn't know that,
And it cuts like a knife.
There were no footprints in the sand.
Only Bars with no light.
And Stars with no might will never thrive in this fight
they'll just continue down their paths thinking that something not quite right.

After all...Souldiers Awaiting Lessons Value All
Teachings Ignoring Ominous Nights.
Sure sometimes that gets lonely but He made me that way.
That's when I go to my closet and I kneel down to pray.
I find where God's voice is and I write what they say.
Sometimes they encourage.
Sometimes they just teach.
But I love that diversity because that's how they reach
Each and everyone of us to get us to see that
Love Inspires Faith Eternal
And that's just another way of saying L.I.F.E