BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!

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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Any teams looking for players

Anybody still looking for players. Please email me

Jeff T

Re: Any teams looking for players

Jeff, place your resume out there and let people know where you from. If you really want to get on come to the draft and let everyone see what you can do.

Re: Any teams looking for players

Hey I am looking for a team to play with from time to time. Willing to travel. I want to represent the brothers from AK and pave a road for them. No need for me to talk the talk because I can walk the walk. Double D from North Chicago Ballers knows who I am and exactly what I can do.

Re: Any teams looking for players

Ben Briggs, this is Dennis, there is a guy that plays on the BASA circuit that is a military cat, that just came to Alaska, I dont know who he plays with, but I will ask him, send me your phone number and I will get in contact with him and link you up with him, once he see you do your thing he will go crazy, and definately make sure he checks out A.T. too, I still have that contact from my previous team, they will take you guys in a heart beat, but they are not that heavily sponsored,so travel will be on you, but everything else is good, but you may want to get with them for exposure, and then in 07 you may make a bigger and better sponsored contact, believe me when people see you and A.t. there will be offers...have Emmit call me and we will work something out....good luck in 06'

Re: Any teams looking for players

Yeah. I will get with you Dennis. Right now there are about 9 brothers and about 6 dominican brothers that are ready to roll. Got to get some sponsors working for these cats. At least partially. New territory for us up here. And you know like we all know you can't swing the bat in AK/ASA. Need to get some of these players to that SD where I believe they will shine big time.