BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!

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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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BROWNS v.s. softball world

I apologize for any unsportsmen like conduct that I displayed in last Sunday play off game (Jamestown). To the teams, fan, and most of all the Browns. Make no mistake we are a team and we will compete. It seems to me a many of you want us to fell, but it's going to take a lot more than this messages board to do so. Thats why I take my hat off to Class Act (Wolf) out of all the so call good guys in softball He's the only one to step up with advice and gave us a chance to take a good look and evaluate our talent level with good intentions. Even when I lost my head, and blame him for it, he was the first to call and explain how devastating it was to my team. My point, if more teams supported each other instead of belittling each other I believe it will ensure BASA long life. Thanks to the entire Class Act organization. Everybody else we will be waiting. BROWNS