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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Move Ups

Why are we faulting some of the elite super rec teams like Graystone, Atlanta Storm, Team BBQ, Detroit Mavericks, New Image, etc. and some of the Elite rec teams to move up because they are winning. Is it their fault that day in and day out they work on their game to become successful. Why not tell the teams that has not been succesful in these divisions to step up and quit crying. No disrespect to comp. but finance does come to play in this level and some have it and some don't. Be honest with yourself can a certain % of those super rec. or rec teams compete at the next level every tournament; No, in time yes but not right now. So what will it do for the game until they do get to that level, how long will it take bfore we get tired of seeing GFM or Pace or Primetime win majority of the tournaments just because we are satisfying the lower teams who want to find an easy way to win by eliminating the superior. Just because a A,B,C,or D teams are great does not mean that they are bound for the next level. They strive to be great at the level the play on. In my opinion, moving up should be 90% based on your team and coaches; if you are ready for the next level, good luck otherwise have fun play hard and look for a great 2006!!

People will have their opinions on what i said, good or bad it does not matter to me, It was only my opinion.

Re: Move Ups

Chi-red, you are right to about who should determine who moves up, teams should know when its time to move up, but the problem is, not too many teams like to step up and move on to the higher levels, they are satified with winning, and in most cases winning at all cost, and when faced with the forced move-ups you will have teams breaking up and re-organizing to stay at that level, there is definately not enough integrity in softball today, not just with levels of play but with the equipment being used, this problem that we have will never get fixed as long as the integrity of the game is what it is......

Re: Move Ups

True Biggdaddy, teams tend to break up and bring back it's core to be able to compete at a lower level. As I have always posted, I would prefer being challenged rather than short gaming every team I run up against. I always remeber the close games I've participated in, never the short games. Competition is the essence of this game not sandbagging and winning at all cost.

Re: Move Ups

This is happening at al levels and on all circuits. It is a BIG problem too. Like u said, it won't get fixed until the integrity is brought back into the game and this starts with the individuals! If your preference is competition, then moving up should not be a big deal.
On the other hand, if BASA is trying to save the comp. division I think that is a mistake. They should let those comp teams play down is Super-rec and play by Super-rec rules. 6 hr's is still alot, but then you have to show your TRUE skills and that is finding some grass w/ a seed! Not trying to take a pitcher's head off w/ an illegal bat! This is still a game and pitchers have children and work that they have to go to on Monday! Just my 2 cents!

Re: Move Ups

super-rec had separate divions in all of three tournaments last year. if they are truly trying to cater to the teams, then they should allow those competative teams to participate just like everyone else. if they play in those tournaments, then they play by rec rules also. i don't agree with turning your back on the competative teams, but until the divisions can really be separated, teams should be allowed to play. some teams want their home to be on the basa circuit.