BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!

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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Team Classifications

Team Classifications....just my opinion

Hercle & Nell,

You are to be commended for this change and here is why. There is no harm in having 3 Divisions when you go play in these other Associations you're going to be classified as either an A, B or C team. A in BASA would be Competitive, B is equivalent to Super Rec, and C is equal to Rec. Those other Associations try their best to police those divisions as well. If Graystone, BBQ, Class Act (based upon their roster), and several others go play in the other organizations they don't care if you've won a World tournament or not they base your classification on your roster. All anyone can ask of anything in life is that you have a level playing field. The tournaments with seperate divisions have been identified so now all that's left to do is determine who belongs where and if the first criteria is winning the World the previous year then so be it, however I think in addition to that most of us know the talent levels of the ballplayers on the teams that compete on a regular basis. If the team has more than half of their starters deemed to be "A" caliber ballplayers then they should be in the Competitive Division and so on. So for those that have issues with this construct your team accordingly. GOOD JOB BASA! COACH D OUT!