BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!

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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Are you scared??

I know I usually ask a question but I'm listening to the radio and since this is Black History Month this topic needs to be brung up, not just now but we need to keep it out there. The topic is AIDS and the HIV virus. We all know someone who been affected by this virus. Are you teaching your kids about how to use protection or will you teach them once they are older? Do you think that by teaching them or giving them protection that we are telling kids it's ok to have sex. This is real talk and something that needs to be talked about. I thank my parents for being open minded enough to talk to me about it when I was young.

Re: Are you scared??

This disease is somethng, there are people walking around with it and don't even know. Its hard to put your trust in anyone when it comes to being sexual becuase if they are not getting tested, they still don't know and you don't know. You can catch this gem easily. What about where other people hands has been, even on the softball field. We are talking about our teams here and everyone else thats surrounded by this popular sport. Lord, what will become of us.

Re: Are you scared??

I see ya HC and you right. This disease is no joke and it's killing us everday. I personally have and will continue to talk to my 13 yr old son. I want to see him grow to have his own kids so we talk as men I keep it real with him. I would rather him hear it from me then some cat on the street who means him no good or some young lady trying to make a come up, and thats real. Not to mention I want him to grow as a man and to know whats out there in the real world. Thanks for putting it out there you never know who this might be helping. Keep doing what you do and let your mind be free. To many have died for the right for us to be able to do these simple things like reading and writing for example, and we take it for granted.

Re: Are you scared??

Yes, the near epidemic of Aids in our communities is a serious issue. Now the leading cause of dealth in our community, this malady has to be addressed. The rise of homosexuality, bisexuality, androphilia, lesbianism and the 'flat-out' blatancy of misogynistic men, are all pathologies of the slave order. Our men and women are confused and out or order of our naturalistic forms.

Once again our leaders in our community have dropped the ball. We cannot rely on the american politrickkkers to solve this malice with parochialistic plans. 'Their' national plan would involve all sectors, and historically like all national plans, the partisin influence would not have our best interest in mind.

We are in a critical time where we need to deal with our issues in our communities with our own strength and empowerment.

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