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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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As the world turns in softball!!

If you have any questions pertaining to the softball world as it turns, I have the answers!! If you need to know the Men's program, I have the answers!! If you need to know the Women's program, I have the answers!!

My third installment arrives tomorrow!

Pace Electronics/TPS

Re: As the world turns in softball!!


Re: As the world turns in softball!!

Pace Electronics/TPS entered the 2005 season with hopes of returning to the championship years in USSSA-A and both black american programs, but the uncertainty of GM Gene Williams health and signs of age showing throughout the roster, the chances of returning to the championship years, looked as if, they were something of yesteryear! Pace Electronics/TPS core group was still intact however, and has a lot of pride and was determined to show the softball world, they were not ready to fall from their perch. The Pace Electronics/TPS critics will be at it again this summer, forcasting another fall from grace. This time, however, they have their best case yet; The departures of Terence "TMAC#3" McDaniel, Ron "RJ" Johnson, Steve "DP55" Huston, Charles "24" Culver and the possible move of Cedric "Sweetness" Allen will have the critics wondering, how much of an impact will this have on this ballclub and can the youngsters step in to fill a huge void?

It all starts with CF Earl "22" Blackmon, who's desire and determination will not allow this team to fall far from the goals that have been etched in stone. The outfield consists of Harold Lassiter who is one of the youngsters Pace Electronics/TPS is depending upon to fill a void and Will O'Neil who often gets overlooked because of his steady performances. The infield has been makeshift the last couple of years, due to injury, but it's been fairly decent. It's a veteran infield with Harold "Butch" Crozier @ 3rd, Alfred "Tuck" Hinton @ SS, John "Super" Anderson @ M.Infielder and the twins Jeff & Jerold Smith patroling the right side of the infield. The C/AH spot belongs to heavy hitters Larry "LC" Carter and Shaun "Big Cat" Fleming with Tony Ringer and Jeff Nash providing support off the bench. The pitching is done by no other than Bobby "Little Big Man" Williams who's as tough as they come and the best on the circuit!!! What could stop this team from continued success in 2005?

The problem is once you get past the names, fame, glitz and glory, this team is very long in tooth and teams aren't fearful or intimidated as once were. They have to replace two of their most vocal leaders and one key player has not made a decision on his playing status. Pace Electronics/TPS with all of it's championship hardware, has surprisingly never won a BASA title and this has to be a thorn in the side! The chant, "This weekend gears us for the real title", is and should be a thing of the past, b/c BASA is here to stay. Pace Electronics/TPS is still a team full of , but defensive liabilties leave this team in less than desirable situations, the offense just can't overcome. If everything comes together, as in the USSSA World Series, this team can be very dominating, if not, this team can be very ordinary. Can this team bring the afterglow of a championship into the new year and will the youngsters step to the forefront? Can they win a BASA title?

All said, this is still a very formidable club, that will be in the hunt for a championship in 2006.

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Re: As the world turns in softball!!

T-mac, your verbose hauteur and vainglory will only cause more playa' hate'n__ Besides you might want to consider shortening your treatise__ I understand your brilliant scheme to edify and erudite the softball masses__ to fracture the unsupportable and institute the unobtainable.(very-clever!) but dey' ain't gonna dig-it!. Most of the 'Softball Apostles' are regular violators to the prescription of standard reading. __So for you, I'll put it down in the ideolect of tha' hood' ............

All ya'll who be tripp'n bout wont'n 'TEAM PACE', raze yo' hand, cause we be got summ'n fo all ya'll ho*s this year---don't be scured, we got tha' young dogs on da' block, ready to hype tha' peeps' and put it down like it t-i(is ) We is who we is, so don't show no fright, (to borrow the brilliant tmesis of J-J Evans) cause weeeeez 'DYNO-MITE'!

(translated for T-mac,by D-mac.)

____________ebonically brilliant, and provocative.....

Me thinks, dey' got, da' point

super d(motordetroit)

Re: As the world turns in softball!!

super d, what are u talking about?