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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Illegal Bats

There were so many posts regarding illegal bats and now there's a new post on the same subject. From what I hear the problem is pretty easy to solve. If BASA Tournament Directors were required to have a scale at their tournaments, then they could rule on an illegal bats. If a 26 oz. bat doesn't weigh 26 oz., then its been shaved.

You will still have the problem with banned bats that have been painted but you can't fix every problem.

Re: Illegal Bats

Problem solver, I do agree that there are way too many illegal bats in the game, but a scale at the tournaments will not solve that problem, because if you shave a bat, true it will reduce the weight, but the tape job will put the weight back on, so to have a person untape a bat to have it weighed will only cause hard feelings, especially if the tournament director cant prove the bat was altered, you may lose committed teams because of a false accusation.. I think composit bats need to be banned that will reduce some of the problem but, the truth is cheaters will cheat...