BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!

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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Welcome back!!


This is from ya boy, whose competition against you started years before this softball thang. We go back to the knockdown, dragouts on the H.S. gridiron.

Well, it looks like you've done your research! It seems you've picked up some pretty good ball player's. Hopefully, they will assist you with returning to the game in [STL), that which is lost (i.e. Love and respect for one another, Love for the game, and the basic fundamentals of the game)

Don't get me wrong, I love Ballin in the STL! To be quite honest, I couldn't imagine doing it anywhere else; however, I can understand why you chose to do what you did as far as stepping outside of (STL)circle for players. It's not that (STL) doesn't have player's capable of competing with those from other cities, because they do! However, the concept of many of our ball player's, has gone from "Team" to "I"

This is ruining the game in (STL)!! Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I can see, (STL) has enough talent on the circuit alone, to put together about 4-5 Extremely Good SuperREC "tournament teams", that could really do some damage on the BASA Tournament scene.

The only problem is that we refuse to get on the one accord necessary, to reach what I call "Championship Level Thinking"

You feel me!! Until we get on that one accord in (STL), softball will continue to mediocrely scratch the surface of what it could truly be in (STL)

I'll leave this last point, to all of my (STL) Baller's.

"It's not enough to have all of the good player's on the bus, It's about having the good players, with the right attitude, in the right seat on the bus."

Coaches included!!!

May God Bless each and every reader of this message!

Re: Welcome back!!

Interesting take on the game in Da Lou!!


Re: Welcome back!!

I have a different opinion on the reason the players in STL are on a different level.

I sum it up in one word, "MONEY". I'll leave it at that.

All the real good players in STL know what I mean. No need to further put any distance between the players and teams in STL.

There will be a good team that represent STL, just sit back and watch.

I'm glad to see that we have some many different opinions on who, what and why the STL teams don't get along or whatever, THAT ONLY INSPIRES US NOT DIVIDE US.


Now that's real talk and Just for the record

Re: Welcome back!!

Tank...well said...WE ALL KNOW....and the LOU will represent...... ....don't sleep on the STL...he's an imposture

Re: Welcome back!!


First off, this message was never meant to be negative towards any of the baller's in Da Lou. Hell, I'm from Da Lou and I REPRESENT IT TO THE FULLEST, WHEREVER I GO!!! Especially, when I'm ballin! However, to think that the few dollar we make on weekends for playing this game, is the only thing that this game is about,is a sad representation of the game. Besides,who's really making the paper?? Back in the day, before money became the main focus of the game,teams like Magnum, The Bomber's, Explosion, The Stars, and Espuire, were known for straight kicking a-- and taking names. I'm sure you remember that!! Hell, you were on one of those teams, so I know you remember!

All I'm sayn, is when this game is played for money,
the integrety is lost. Play the game for the competition, and let the paper fall where it's going to fall.

Hell, we all know if a man don't work, he don't eat, but this is "Competitive Recreation."

Not only that, if it's truly about making paper, (STL)ball player outta put together 4-5 extremely good tournament teams,take them on the road, put the money on the dirt, and let it do what it's going to do. Hell, I know how good the talent is in (STL, with the right mix of player's together, it would be unbeatable!!