BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!

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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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What up T-Mac!

What up Think Pink #3? I hope you got those little girls and your wife what they ask for for christmas cause you know they will bust that head to the white meat! I hope all is well in cold MI. You know my hoop team is currently 7-0 we just won the stop DWI tourney in NY. Yeah just think a former pro football player is one of ohio's better young basketball coaches 51-7 in 2 1/2 years! I will be playing this year with GFM/Worth gettin in shape and looking forward to helping GFM repeat as world champs! Take care and stay in touch

Re: What up T-Mac!

hey mark this ziggy in oxford when your team playing again love to come watch the girls play and u coach hit me up at leave ur number if u will my friend peace ziggy

Re: What up T-Mac!

hey mark how are you feeling after your team was dominated the whole game by north college hill? i was very surprise by the way your team handle getting thier butts whoop. if they play basketball more then trying to intimidate nch they might of at least had a chance. you needed to let them know you can't intimidate mayo or walker,they play against the best players all year round. you need to get more control of you team,they played like dudes off the streets. you have alot of talent on your team but no leadership on the floor since byrd left. remember you can take your team out the hood,but you cant take the hood out of them

Re: What up T-Mac!

Hey nati boy it's nice to that you spent your money for a good cause. Yea we got beat and got out classed but we will bounce back. That what championship teams and coaches do. I have been blessed to win a ton of this championships as a player and coach, 84 state champs at princeton, played for the national championship 4 out of my 5 years at EKU, played several years as a pro football player, Won 3 world titles with PACE/TPS and Several city titles. Now for the basketball end of things, two time coach of the year in ohio and cincinnati, 5 kids currently in college, off to an 11-1 start this year 55-8 over a 2 1/2 year period, 2 sectional titles, 2 district titles, regional runner-up twice. Not to bad for some hood kids. You represent everything wrong about the city of cincinnati. People like you are why we as african americans in the city of cincinnati remain a permanent underclass. Don't worry my team will be disciplined today and for those that know me know that the punishment for yesterday's performance will be swift and severe. My job is to get as many african american kids into college so they can come back and do there part for society unlike yourself who seems to be a negitive stamp on society as well as the african american race.

Re: What up T-Mac!

sorry mark if i hit a nerve. first of all i will always support anything that has to do with mr.king. second i will be the first to applaud you on helping inner city kids go to college. i love who i am and where i live, like i said i was surprise like most people in the stands were the way a team coach by a man of you status handle themselves. was not meaning to knock you, i know of you and your accomplishment and what you have achived in life so with all that said good luck the rest of the year.

Mark Mitchell

What's up Bro.? Good luck with GFM this season. You will be a great asset to the team. Also continued success in coaching the youth. You are a role model and the kids look up to you. If you decide to come up to Dayton anytime soon bring your bat bag and we can get some hitting in. Peace!!!!!!!