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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Final Super Draft Update

The draft registration is January 3rd. If you have not signed up for your FREE paypal account you may still do so at This will also allow you to pay for some future tournaments as well using your checking account or credit cards.

PayPal payments are to be submitted to:

You may also send a cashiers check or money order made out to Carmen Epps to:

Carmen Epps

3723 Lindholm Rd.

Cleveland, Ohio 44120

Personal checks will be returned.

Cost is
$35 per player which includes a Special Edition Super Draft T-Shirt and free entry into Draft Party.

Click (here)
to register. Your registration will not be complete until you have paid you registration fee.

Limited to first 176 Male players,

plus 16 coaches for a total of 192.

Limited to first 88 Female players,

plus 8 coaches for a total of 96

Coaches get to play for free, but must submit payment and will be reimbursed at party in cash. Coaches must be an established veteran player.

Guests or players not playing in tournament who wish to attend the Draft Party may do so as well for $10.00
$16.00 if you would like a Super Draft T-Shirt as well. (Sizes S-XL, $1.00 more per size above XL)

Party attendees can register (here).

Men’s Division

16 Teams with 12 players on each team drafted,

including the coach/player

Women’s Division

8 Teams with 12 players on each team drafted,

including the coach/player

Free giveaways and food plus dancing on Friday Night.

Double Elimination

Everyone must be ready to play at 9:00AM on Saturday

6 Hr's then an out.

Teams will be given 6 balls to start the tournament.

Open to ALL classes of players.

Once you are entered, there will be no refund, but you may sell your spot to someone.

Draft will be held at the Holiday Inn Airport North on Friday night at 8 p.m.

Food menu will be determined.

Give us some ideas if you want something special.

Don’t need to be present to be drafted, but must ne at Southside park and ready to play first game at 9:00AM on Saturday.

Contact : Hercle Ivy, Carmen Epps or Clay Dickey for more details.

Re: Final Super Draft Update

Are u allowing TEAMS to be entered into this Tournament?

Re: Final Super Draft Update

Not as a team. But we do know of entire teams entering individually. The chances of them being on the same team is nearly impossible.

Re: Final Super Draft Update

ok,there are rumors of whole teams being entered and playing together as a TEAM..

Re: Final Super Draft Update

I can't imagine the other coaches in the draft allowing this to happen, unless they feel the team is no threat at all. You have to remember, each coach only gets one pick per round.

Re: Final Super Draft Update

Just for further clarification. One person can sign up as many people as they want. However, the likelihood of them all playing together is slim and none. There are likely to be several teammmates/friends that do play together, but not in any huge numbers.

Re: Final Super Draft Update

A couple of us are coming out of Charlotte, NC on Friday evening, can we pay at the door to enter the Super Draft Party or do we have to pay in advance

Re: Final Super Draft Update

Yes, however only players and pre-paid party attendees purchasing the souvenir shirts, which will include all players and draft party attendees names, will recieve the shirts.

But anyone just attending the party and not purchasing a t-shirt can pay at the door.

Re: Final Super Draft Update

Thanks BASA. We hope to see you all in the place to be. Peace

Re: Final Super Draft Update

Hey BASA staff, is there anything going on or any event being hosted for Saturday night?

Re: Final Super Draft Update

Nothing planned, thought this would give everyone a chance to enjoy the ATL nightlife.

Re: Final Super Draft Update

It might have been better idea to schedule the party for Sat night as some people won't make it to Atlanta until late Fri night, especially the people coming from out of town. Probably don't want to take off from work Friday because they may need those days to travel to the other BASA tournaments. Maybe Friday should have been a meet and greet social like event.[

Re: Final Super Draft Update

If we had the party on Saturday Nite, we would have to start the tournament on Sunday. Remember the draft takes place at the Draft Party.