BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!

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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Black American Softball Association Wristbands

The wristband will come in any color that you want, so every team can match them up to their uniforms. The bands will be available in one solid color, two colors and even multiple swirl colors (camouflage). At this time, orders will only be made with the following molding imprints- BASA-LOYALTY, UNITY, FAMILY. The BASA acronym will be on one side and the Loyalty, Unity and Family will be on the other side of the band. Again, these bands will be available in all colors so that means that every team will be able to have their own with their own colors.

Now the pricing for the bands goes as follow.

Single colored bands are $2 each.

Two colored bands are $2.25 each.

Multi-Colored (Camouflage) bands are $2.50.

Again, these bands include the price for the band as well as the debossing (engraving of the words) shipping and taxes. We are being offered a great price for the bands. Now, you can order them with your individual team names on them but they will be a little bit more costly. If there are teams out there who would like to order team bands, please get with me about the amount of bands and what you would want on them and I can get back with you about the price.

All orders will have to be a minimum of 20 bands ($40-single color, $45-two colors and $50 for camouflage). After the initial order of 20 you can add more if you would like in any amount, 33, 44 or 45, within that same order. It’s just the minimum has to be 20.

All orders will have to be paid for up front by cashiers check, money order or PayPal. Paypal account information will be provided once this ad is placed on the BASA website and we start getting teams wanting to place an order. So don’t hesitate to place your order today. The sooner you place your order. The sooner we can get them back. All orders will take a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks to return. Once I receive them, I can work with each order with getting them to the person responsible for the order.

All inquiries about orders can be forwarded to Chris Sarver at