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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Enjoy the poetry on Veterans day

As I Stroll

Rapidly I stroll down Boardwalk
anticipating the harsh talk
minute-men sought
revolutionary mock
trial for my equilty
Solitarily fought for
internal Freedom
as my heart pump steel core
blood sizzled through pores
of self reliance-- formed
alliance between the
have and the have nots
Living a dream of consistant plots
as my mind rots
of violent mots
slamming slot machines on occuppied cots
That's my only solution
to this persecution,execution,
disillusion of my people's plight
to extend life
beyond this continual strife
constricting might
saling your vanilla insight.
I'm not buying... Alright!
a piece of that **** American pie
that allude my crossing of T's
and blood shot eyes;
while all I see is your racist smile
beneath the dirty sheet in which you hide.
I'm not surprised
when you killed him...
when you raped her...
when you violated them...
when you stole from us...
when you protested it.......
Our Just Do!

HAPPY VETERANS DAY!!!! Enjoy the poetry

Re: Enjoy the poetry on Veterans day

#15 I don't know about the rest of the board but I am enjoying all of your poetry. Keep blessing us with your words. God bless

Re: Enjoy the poetry on Veterans day

'CHURCH"....and I'm out.... ...not out of just about to leave work...."CHURCH"

Re: Enjoy the poetry on Veterans day

Many have died or laid their life on the line
Just for us to have piece of mind
They have given their all and all they've got
Even in knowing they may get shot
Will this fighting ever cease
The world needs a little peace
To all the vets all over the land
Just know that GOD has a plan
Some were blessed to make it back
But many have died and thats a fact
Thank you for all of your dedication
It is not an easy profession!

God bless all of you that have served in any capacity!