BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!

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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Willie Brown and Squirrel

Just saw on Jeanne Shoppes website these two are now playing with them. Are they still playing with GFM and Seabreeze as well. That would seem unlikely since Shoppe plays GFM every year.

Re: Willie Brown and Squirrel

Dear Curious,

I have made the decision to play with Jean Shoppe. No reason in particular, but after winning two worlds(almost three), I'm looking for a new challenge. With a 3-yr. old son and trying to rebuild my high school baseball program, my days of playing softball all over America are numbered.

Also, a lack of personal success at the A level is one of the main reasons, I'm chosing to step back up on that stage. I chose make that jump with a clean slate. I wish all of my friends w/ GFM worth much success in 2006. You guys will be missed!!

WB # 24

As far as the Black circuits is concerned, I'm not quite sure who I'll play with. I can assure you that I will be playing with someone. Godfather's, Pace(Big Cat), Prime Time, Sea Breeze,... Someone can use a light-hitting, marginal outfielder that can do a little bit of everything.

Re: Willie Brown and Squirrel

Willie, good luck with Shoppe. Not a bad move, especially financially. Rumor has it that GFM will be competing on main stream this year. Any truth to this news? If so, it will be really great to see GFM and Pace representing on the white circut.